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  1. Im one of them weirdoz running an XTD stage 3 6-puck clutch. Last time i had my car on the dyno it was making 360 pounds of torque, so not quite the 400- But ive been Driving on this clutch for *years* off an on (At points using my Z as my daily for extended period of time, longest stint was just shy of 2 years of daily use). Some people are scared because of the price (Seriously- Theyre 100 bucks brand new off of ebay. The guy selling them was local to me in LA at the time and was more than happy to let me go pick it up in person), and maybe i got lucky- But ive been relatively happy with
  2. I might be having a lapse in sanity (A known occurrence), but are those front flares? Or are they just "universal" flares not particularly designed for the z?
  3. Next to the description tab is a "technical specs". Clicking it gives you no technical specs, but instead is just them quoting a review. The opening of that review? "I just wanted to drop in and give my impressions on the Phantom Grip I recently installed..." So take of that what you will. I think what annoys me the most is theyre calling it a 2way lsd.
  4. Whatre those calipers from? Id have to dig to be positive, but if memory serves me right (and it has been known to be wrong), theres actually a couple different s12+8 calipers floating around. In particular there was a mid-late 80s s12+8 caliper from a 4x4 that didnt work, and you needed the s12+8 from the late 70s/early 80s. Or maybe not. haha. Though from the looks of it...
  5. Ive had good success with parts from CX racing. My friend knew one of the owners of the company and I was able to go down to their warehouse in socal. Picked up my pipes from them, couplers, im even sporting one of their t3 turbos on my car. Only paid like 200 dollars for it at the time brand new, its been serving me well for *years*. Made a tick over 300 whp on the dyno at our shop at 17.5 psi. Theyve got BB versions now for not much more, im tempted to get my hands on it and see how it does.
  6. Im failing to see the discrepancy? I was talking about clamping force. Please note: Actual piston surface area =/= clamping force. That was kind of my point. Please refer again to my example again, 2 calipers- Caliper A has 4 pistons of the same size, 2 on each side (a fixed caliper), caliper B has 2 pistons of the same size, all on one side (a floater). I said these would have the same braking force. Lets elaborate on this however and lets plug some numbers in. Assume each of these pistons in these calipers have 1" of surface area, then well use the formula you cited. Caliper A has
  7. But as far as clamping force is concerned you dont count four pistons, you count two. You count the pistons on one side of the caliper, not both, as the braking pressure it being split/halved between the two banks. For example, a caliper made of just two of these pistons (one one side of the caliper), will have the same clamping force as 4 of these pistons in 2 banks. Being a rolla guy myself, Its actually a peeve of mine how popular rx7 brakes are for the rolla community. For 99% of people out there, they are not an upgrade (on the rolla). They see "oo 4 pistons!" and conclude 4 pis
  8. Candy bar was a milky way. I SUPPOSE you could substitute something like skittles or maaybe a snickers bar. If you were desperate. As for your real question, im actually not 100% certain now that you ask. This has been my only Z car so I dont have anything to compare it to- I was ASSUMING they were "supposed" to have plastic glove boxes because when I googled/ebayed "240z glove box", i found a plethora of pictures of plastic glove boxes, as well as numerous places calling the cardboard glove box a "glove box liner", so i kind of just assumed they had one and that the cardboard was, wel
  9. So working under the dash of my Z, I went to remove my glove box to found out the fun way that a previous owner had removed the plastic bin in the glove box, and only reinstalled the cardboard lining (A silly thing not to notice but I never gave it any thought i know. It was rigid enough to hold all the crap I put into glove box so i never gave it a second thought). Upon my attempt to remove it, the glove box lining utterly disintegrated into about 20 tattered misserable pieces. Slightly dismayed as I clutched a hand full of powdered cardboard and staples, I sighed and carried on. Only to h
  10. Ah whoops, just wanted to clarify- That picture is NOT a picture of my interior! It was just a picture I found of the heater box to show what i was on about haha Thank you for the FSM link. Ive got a copy on my laptop but was on my phone at the time. Very handy information to have! Sadly AC wont be a practical option for my car. Its an l28et with a larger turbo, intercooler piping snaking around the front of the engine, with a bigger radiator, and thick electric fans. Getting a compressor to fit anywhere up there would be a pain in the boot. As always, thank you so much everyone
  11. More confused indeed! Sadly the PO cut all of the cables to actuate everything and completely stripped/gutted the heate control panel (No levers, no switches, no upper vent, no radio). So ill be actuating everything manually by hand until I can secure myself some replacements for everything. I dont have a "Defog" position lol. This isnt a "nice street car" really and is more of a "fun toy", so itll be awhile before I get around to it- I just thought it might be neat to have some heat seeing as it gets below freezing where I live haha Ill just have to muck around with it and figure out
  12. Im in the middle of working on my z and have a totally obscure question in regards to how the air vents blow when the heater is on. Does the hot air only come out of the side vents (big round ones), or does hot air also come out of the center vent above the weather controls/radio? My car is half gutted under the dash so im trying to piece everything together, using obsurce pictures and "logic" to figure out how to do it. From what I can see, the blower motor blows air into the top right of this box The heater core is lined along the bottom. To turn the heater on, that flap comes up an
  13. Well if it used to boost fine, and the wastegate is known to not be an issue, next thing to look at might be the turbo itself?
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