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  1. Thanks. Here is a pic of what I believe is the ignition switch plug. The problem is the diagrams I've been lookin at don't match up with what I have. Meaning my wire colors are not the same as any of the diagrams I've looked at. Any thoughts?
  2. Okay very crude drawing, but any info would be great. So far this is the plan. Obviously the smaller things are not in the drawing, but just a general over view. Is there any issues doing this? The 2 fuses i put on the drawing, one says main. On the factory 2jzgte wire harness for this system uses a 50amp main, and 120amp between the charge stud and battery. Is this good?
  3. Ok another question. The aftermarket chassis harness has single wires for lights and things, obviously they need to be grounded. Stock connectors in most vehicles have 2-3 wire from the connector. Do i just make my own grounding harness to tie all the grounds? Cuz in the instructions there is no mention of this. Maybe its common knowledge among electrical guys but i just realized it now.
  4. Yes it has a fuse block with it and yes its like your painless, I don't see an EFI circuit. It does have an "ING COIL" circuit, but I'm pretty sure I'm not using that correct?
  5. Body harness is from EZwiring. Ill have to take a look at the engine harness again to see if its hooked to the alternator.
  6. Okay, this is long overdue. I've been working on and off on this 260z for 9 years. I put in a 2jzgte and pretty much nothing is stock anymore. I purchased a wire harness for the motor and new aftermarket body harness. I just have to figure out how to hook everything up properly and safely. I'm in not way an electrician and my knowledge of the subject is limited. I discovered that a bunch of info on the Web is conflicting or deals with domestic vehicles more than imports. From my knowledge talking to the harness builder for the motor, there are only a few wires to hook up to get the motor running. There are already fuses for the fused circuits. So, when I'm laying out the body harness I see "ING coil" wire. I believe there is already a fuse for this on the engine harness. Same issue with alternator. My question is should these 2 harnesses be kept separate? One is body electrical and the other motor, so they don't really need to interface anywhere, right?
  7. Is it the GPS one? To me that would be the easiest, thats what I am using. Sometimes you can use a sender of some kind that plugs into where the cable goes into the tranny, but not sure if that is available for that transmission.
  8. If we have a pre 75 smog exempt car we dont need to stop at those check points?
  9. thanks for the help figured it out with the help of another member.
  10. thanks for the reply, but do you think that going down a size will effect how the booster operates?
  11. For those of you that have completed a 2jzgte swap in a S30 how did you attach the 3/8" vacuum hose to the intake manifold. That stock motor uses a banjo attachment and if I use it, it might contact the hood. My engine did not come with this banjo attachment, it just has a bolt there to block it off. Any suggestions? I just dont want to make more work for myself, by taking off the intake manifold and drilling and tapping a new port.
  12. Okay, I have a 260z and I know the brake booster vacuum hose size is 3/8", but I only have a 1/4" nipple available on the intake manifold. I swapped in a 2jzgte. Can I just use a 3/8" to 1/4" reducer or will that not be sufficiant? I really don't want to pull off the manifold to drill and tap a new hole if I don't have to. Thanks
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