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  1. What does this lead to? I have a 1973 240z and I've been trying to locate the proper wires for the speedometer with no success. Im tryung to install speedgut gauges. Ive wired and mounted the oil, temp and fuell gauges. All I've searched says that a blue and red wire or blue, but none for these. It's behind the speedometer. Do I have a wiring harness from another car? I'm assuming it's a power lead, but don't want to fry anything. Any help, suggestions. Thanks.
  2. That is sexy my friend. My dash is apart at the moment installing speedhut gauges. Taking me a year. Hahaha. Don't ask. I always wondered what dash would fit in these s30s. Seeing yours makes me go that route. I need to figure out which wire goes to the senders. Each time I search none of the wires match any diagrams
  3. Has anyone tried to swap the vg30et cross member or is that a fantasy of its own?
  4. Rb25? Bolt in? I was leaning towards the l28et. Resale value and according to research can pack a mean punch. Bang for your buck sort of thing. Unfortunately, not easy to look for. I was willing to trade the 300zx for a complete L28et swap.
  5. Hmm what does "bolt right in" really mean? Still cost $4000...
  6. I was more curious to see what people did and what issues in the aftermath with and if anyone has done that. Even if anyone has the zx mounts on the s30. I'll check out sixshooters and get some info. I thought about so many motors and decided on the l28et. I mean, why not. Drop in and have fun. Sr20 Expensive in comparison to the above and the next that follows. Produces less torque than the rest. KA Needs more work to be ready for boost. I like this motor a lot, as much as the vg. Rb $ $ $ and work VG30ET In the garage. Hahaha. Torque, boosted alre
  7. Whoops. I guess a reply is needed there. I thought about that, being difficult to work on and also eliminating that factor once in the s30. There's a vacuum leak somewhere that will be fixed before swapping. My plan, if I'm able to, was to swap the whole differential and shafts hoping to get a 5 lug set up.
  8. I've been trying to sell my 84 300zx turbo for a while and, I guess, subconsciously don't want to. I've been bouncing back and forth on what swap I wanted. Mainly the main ones that tend to pop up from S30 owners. You know. Big blocks to RB,SR,28et,stock and maybe even KA. I came across someone who wanted it for the ecu and wiring and some other thing/s I forget. They bailed out last minute on me, for good reason. Now, I think I want to go VG30ET into the 73. I've seen a couple topics about this swap. One of the best documented was Zr8eds. Not sure if that's the correct spelling.
  9. Should I tackle a VG30ET swap or not? Hmmmm

  10. I'm selling a 1984 300zx turbo with no boost. How much should I list it for?

  11. I have an L24 with a 4 speed. I bought a speedhut speedometer that turns out to be an electronic one. Any ideas of how to install it or will I just have to get a mechanical with the cable attachment?
  12. I have a '73 240z and am trying to install speedhut gauges. Does anyone know where I can get these terminal ends? Or would I just have to get new terminals and connectors to install them?
  13. Sorry for your troubles. On the bright side you have plenty of shops to choose from in SoCal. I'm up North in the Bay and 3 that I know of. They're not even Z shops, well, one Z shop and the rest were Z mechanics that of Z shops that closed down. Sounds like you have a nice set up there. Like to get some info and ideas if that's alright. I have a 73 stock. I was in line of buying a donor 82 turbo. Couldn't bring myself to it knowing my motor was pretty damn near perfect running condition and weather strip is old, gauges inop, fumes, fumes, fumes. Little things here and there.
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