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  1. Hi I am trying to figure out what size and offset Volk TE37V wheels and tires will work best on my S30 with standard width ZG flares. If you have sizes and pictures please help. Thank you
  2. The head is straight. I really think it was the junk NISMO paper gasket. Called Nissan ordered both the 14035-P7100 & the 14035-N3500 parts guy could not specify which was for turbo Head. Yesterday I also ordered all three gaskets Autozone carries (Fel-Pro, ROL, Beck-Arnley) gonna do a side by side comparison. May the best Gasket WIN!!! Thanks for all the help
  3. I have checked straigtness of the manifold, It is ok. The Gaskets I have bought from NISMO are some sort of paper construction. They became hot and brittle. after removing they crumbled in my hand. This process started when I need to change my head gasket over the winter. The manifold gasket I removed was more of a graphite with metal layers, but I do not know who made it, that is why I thought I'll just get one from NISMO can't go wrong. WRONG! So now with manifold off for the 3rd time I really wanna find a gasket that will work. I contacted SCE gaskets they recommended making me a graphi
  4. Nismo Has The Square Gasket Be Sure To Specify
  5. I was wondering what exhaust manifold gaskets have been found to work well in a high heat turbo applications. I have an L28 motor with a t-3/t-4 turbo running 15Lb’s boost. I have gone through 2 “OEM†gaskets from NISMO they don’t hold up. I have checked for straight and have ordered all new hardware. Thanks
  6. RUBY.... WHERE DO YOU FIND THE TIME????? I can bearly keep my real z RUNNIN
  7. If you want a new hardware kit go to http://www.freewebs.com/pallnet/ they have a stud kit that will work.. I am still trying to find a gasket that works too. I have gone through 2 "OEM" gaskets from NISMO..
  8. I have a 1973 240Z with a L28 Turbo motor running 13Lb’s boost. Over the winter I had to replace the head gasket. Since then I have gone trough 2 OEM NISMO exhaust manifold gaskets (PN# 99996-N1044). My torques are correct the only difference is I had the manifold Jet Hott coated. I am thinking about going to a copper gasket for round 3 and removing the coating from the mounting flange. Does anyone know where I can get a copper gasket for my P90 head it has the square exhaust ports. I would appreciate any opinions or information on this situation. I am in Columbus, OH and it sucks when your
  9. YOU DOG!!! And I thought I was the man wearing my Hybrid Z gear to a local Z.R.O.C. meet I held at Rahal Leterman Racing.... You my friend are "THE MAN"
  10. Hi Does anyone know if someone makes a sleeve that will slide over my crank? I need to repair the grooves my rear main seal cut into the crank, before I install the new seal. I have an L28ET motor out of a 1982 280zx. If so where to get and part #’s always helpful. Thanks!!!
  11. Ok Lots of good feedback thanks.. I have decided to go with an HKS gasket and ARP bolts. I called HKS today only to find out they are not making that gasket anymore. I also called Cometic they have never made a Head gasket for the L28 Motor. So does anyone know where to get a NEW HKS head gasket for a 1982 Turbo car??? Also while I had an HKS tech. on the phone I asked about reusing there metal gasket. He said people do but they do not condone or recommend it.....
  12. Hi Im looking for the best head gasket to put in my Turbo Z. I have a '82 2.8l turbo Z motor in my 73 240z. The engine is a F54 block and P90 head. I am using a T3/T4 turbo and running about 13-15 pounds of boost.. Thanks
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