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  1. It is El Monte airport. I'm lucky to have a friend who rented a hangar over there... I'll let you know if I get a chance to do another shoot. Thanks. TURK
  2. Spent a few hours at the local airfield and took some pictures... No that is not my airplane... ) Enjoy the pics! I keep the car in a hangar at the airfield... TURK
  3. I think '09 Corvette Velocity Yellow would look nice...
  4. I can do that if you send me a higher resolution- better quality pic...
  5. All I know is that, between the two gas stations the trip odometer showed 164 miles(all highway). I didn't bother checking the gas mileage on my way back because I left in the afternoon and there was heavy traffic. 91 octane gas.70-75 mph average. Automatic car with 115K miles. I didn't use the cruise control either. It was a miracle
  6. I have a '98 Z-28 Camaro as a daily driver.It's automatic. A friend of mine and I decided to go to Vegas the other day. To avoid traffic, we left around 4 in the morning. I filled up the tank and immediately got on the freeway. 70-75 mph average speed, all the way to Baker.No traffic. We decided to pull over at a gas station. Get some coffee. Now, here's the funny thing: We had travelled exactly 164 miles from Pasadena to Baker. The gas gauge showed a little more than 3/4. Out of curiosity, I've decided to fill up the tank. 3.88 gallons. It wouldn't take any more. That's over 41 miles per gallon! Is that normal? I usually get around 300 miles with a full tank, city+hwy... The car is NOT for sale....
  7. Nice! I've got the same setup with MSA headers and Magna Flo exhaust... I have to notify my neighbors the night before if I have to start it early in the morning...They've been very kind and "understanding" so far... Yes, it is quite LOUD!!! -TURK-
  8. I made a mistake...Picture belongs to Auxilary not Aziza Z... Thanks Auxilary.... Any photoshop questions?...Just post your questions here...
  9. Yes,it's Leno's car and FYI I'm still learning English... But,I'm happy to have entertained you with a simple error... My wife is all female...
  10. My wife has a new job and one of her co-workers drives another car to work every day... I'm not gonna tell you who he is but I'm sure if you recognize the car, you might know its owner...a -TURK-
  11. All black with tinted lights and windows...
  12. Although it's not everyone's favorite design, I think you need a Chevy Avalanche...Newer the better...
  13. After seing all these great engines, my L24 looks very boring... What you can't see is new headers...
  14. check out this website: http://www.collectablediecast.com Adam and Eli Call them and ask them for help if you need to...I don't think anybody else will give you a better price than these guys... ERIC
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