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  1. Those are going to look nice. Good choice.
  2. TO the original poster. I don't know if your getting scammed or what but that picture is actually of the motor that I put together in my car before I sold it. Here is the link. http://www.classiczcars.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=1914&cat=1 The motor had a "spun bearing" and was taken out buy the guy who purchased the car for an SR20det. I know because I've seen the car since then. The motor was an 82 turbo block with the p90 head. The intake was shaved and the injectors are RC engineering 550cc. The fuel rail was custom as was pretty much allot of what was done to the car which is why its easy to recognize. If you read the ad this is the reason I sold that motor. I did not want to pay the big $ to fix it. I hope it gives you a little insite as to what it is your buying. I don't know if the person who bought the car is the same person selling it to you since he does not own a BODY shop or anything like that and he heard the noisy motor before. Just make sure you ask if it had a bad bearing knock. There is even a video on you tube since so many people were asking about it.
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