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  1. Hey this is gs14racer from nico with the s14. Let me just say from one crazy person with lots of time to another, great job. Its good to see so many quality swaps coming along and yours is money!!!! As per your dyno, i remember the same disappointment, because it feels faster than it says on the paper doesnt it? However in your case i think you have another problem. The knock sensors are notorious for dropponig lots of power on these motors, assuming youve checked these and know them to be good, here are a few places i think you can improve, the headers seem a little restrictive plus the cats arent helping either, ( i know you probably require them where you live), and the exhaust looks to be 2.5 from the pictures which seems good, but 3" is where its at. These motors really like to breath, and the most you can do that the better off your gonna be, for reference heres my dyno run, granted this was on a 100 degree day in miami, in the winter months the motor put down a solid 295whp with the tuned ecu. The only differnce between yours and mine are the headers and dual 3 inch exhuast. Of course you could always supercharge it like i did, and make gobs more power, but the above mentioned things will still hurt you there as well. Once again great job, let me know if you need any info.
  2. Well its done. Price is 475.00 plus shipping The z32 bellhousing will need to be machined, like i said before no flywheel spacer is used. The plate is doweled on both sides to be able to make it as thin as possible. Heres the pics
  3. Alright gents I got a vh bellhousing and z32 adapter plate at my machine shop right now. We are gonna try and get a group buy of 10 people to get this going. This will be using a VH45de motor and z32 tranny. There will be no flywheel spacer used. All that will be needed from you guys is the z32 bellhousing from the transmission ( you must source this yourself) I can source one for you at for the cost of 400.00 plus shipping. What will entail is machining your bellhousing down so that the adapter plate will be as thin as possible while using the 300zx flywheel with no spacer. It will be made from aluminum The final product will be available in about two weeks. It will be ready to ship out to you guys about a week to two weeks after that so 30 days total tops. Price will range between 500-650 depending on amount of people and final cost of machining. Again you will need to send your z32 bellhousing to us for machining. Let me know if anyone is interested either by posting here or emailing me at Mopsalvage@aol.com . We are in florida, USA however International shipping might be an option.
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