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  1. I just bought inner tie rods from rock auto. It seemed too good to be true, and it was they didn't fit. Just got them yesterday and they don't even screw into the original tie rods. The diameter on the outer threaded end is too small. I found this place called zbarn parts online, and the guy said he had numerous used inner tie rods. Nissan doesn't make them anymore, according to my local dealership. I was wondering if anyone has used this source for used parts?
  2. Check the input shaft bearing, check for play when you drop the transmission. I had a trans rattling like that and when I pulled it off the input shaft had a huge amount of play. When you push on the clutch does the rattling slow down to a stop?
  3. When I change the gear oil in my trans, Take the fill plug out (22mm I think) then stick a 1/2 inch drive pull bar in the plug that is facing directly down. about 2/3's of the way down the trans towards the drive shaft. Can't miss that drain plug. let it drain, put the bottom plug back. then I use a hose, route from the filler hole to the engine bay right beside the battery usually. fill up the gear oil until it starts running out of the filler hole. Or you can read a haynes manual, they have pictures most of the time
  4. . Yes, I do have the original R180 in the car. You don't happen to be the guy on craigslist selling an R200 and trans? As for the console I'm still undecided about cutting it, I got a setaline torch that I might try heat and bend the shifter. No I'm not in the Triangle Z Club, could be interested. Yeah, I'd like to mean up and compare cars, don't see to many S30's around Raleigh.
  5. Hey, I bought a 280zx for $300. I thought mine was a good deal it didn't run at all. If its a complete car and some parts are in good shape I would say its a deal. I mean the least you can do is get the parts you want and then take it to the metal processing plant. I'm not sure what scrap metal is going for in your area, but you should be able to get some of your money back. An extra drive train is useful if something should break on your other car.
  6. Thanks for posting those links very useful, but has anyone had trouble with the early model 5spd transmission's not fitting the center console of the 240z's?
  7. Yeah, I imagine they would be more trouble but I guess their worth it? Any ideas on the shifter or thoughts on the cross member? -Carl
  8. First time posting here.... So here's the story, I bought a '72 240z over a year ago, not the cleanest or the most rust free or original, but a solid daily driver which is all I wanted. It had an auto transmission, I swapped that out for a 4spd, and have been driving the car as is for about 10 months. I had to trim the trans tunnel for the shifter to work, no big deal. The input shaft bearing went out this past week, so I pulled the transmission back out and put a 5spd in from a '79 280zx I had bought for parts. All is well, but the shifter is even farther forward than with the 4spd. I'm not really sure, I don't want to tear the center console up because it is in pretty good shape. Has anyone been able to bend the shifters with heat? The shifter out of the 4spd has the proper curvature to work but the distance from the ball to the pivot slot is to far. Any Ideas? Also, I'm worried about the transmission cross member that the 240 has, it bolts directly to the frame/body. (where as the other cross members bolts up with bushings) I haven't seen these type of mounts discussed in any other threads. Is this a potential weak point, i.e. will I need to replace this cross member with the other kind if I plan to create any substantial power? Whats up with DGV's? Mine has them, kind of a pain to tune but I figured all twin carb systems are. Sorry for such a long post, thanks for any help. -Carl
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