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  1. Well, where can I hang out at (around 6:00) to see some of the cars up close and in person? It would be nice to meet some of the owners too.
  2. Me and one of my buds from work really want to attend Z-Con but can't get away till friday afternoon because of our work schedule. My 240Z is still in pieces so I'll only be a spectator this time. Where will everyone be at around 6:00 pm? According to the itenerary, the banquette and award ceremony starts at 7:00pm and lasts till 10:00. I was hoping to get to see some awesome old school Z's and take a crap load of pics! Where is the award ceremony going to be at? The ZCon09 web site is vague at best!
  3. TABrinn

    Subaru WRX STi R180 Side Axles

    Those do look so nice! I can't hardly wait to see the end results and know the pricing! Keep up the good work!
  4. TABrinn

    POR-15 Sterling Silver

    I'm pretty close to just doing it in the POR-15 with their Chassis Black top coat. It'd be sooo purdy with a matching silver engine bay though! I've already chromed my valve cover and and a few other chromed/ pollished dress up bits are on the way. I want to be a show worthy engine bay even though I fully intend to drive the wheels off it! Here's a pic of one I like but can't verify if its done with POR15 or a regular paint top coat.
  5. TABrinn

    POR-15 Sterling Silver

    Has anyone used the POR-15 Sterling Silver or have links or pics of anyone who has???
  6. TABrinn

    POR-15 Sterling Silver

    I got my engine and tranny pulled yesterday (FINALLY!) and want to start immediatly on the engine bay. I've decided to por-15 the bay but want to topcoat it with their Sterling Silver top coat. The exterior of the car is a dark grey and I just want to be sure the combination looks good together. http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk246/TABrinn/img025.jpg Has anyone here used the POR-15 Sterling Silver? Got pics?
  7. TABrinn

    Subaru WRX Sti R180

    Hey JohnC, any updates?
  8. TABrinn

    Engine Lifting Points?

    What is the best point on the motor to secure the chain to when removing it from the car? None of my manuals specifically say! This is the first engine I've pulled and I rather ask a really stupid question than break or otherwize damage something!
  9. San Antonio is the nearest Z club and Corpus is 3 hours south of that! Nothing else for another 3 hrs then you're in Mexico! But if any of yall are in the area, by all means feel free to drop in, help out, shoot the schit, what ever! Beer and grub are always on hand, of course!
  10. All right, Tony D to the rescue! Good tip, leaving the struts hanging, I most likely would have never thought of that! Have you ever installed it in the same manner?
  11. I was just curious if it could all be removed as a single unit as it all needs to come out. The tranny, belly pan, and engine bay need paint/ POR-15, the suspention pieces powder coated and rebushed, and new engine needs to be installed. Getting help that'll show up when they say they will (if at all) is pretty tough so for the most part this will all be a one man show! I don't trust myself lowering an engine with a hoist with out someone there to steady the engine and guide things into place. Call me over cautious.
  12. Can the engine, tranny, and front suspention be removed by unbolting the tranny mount and front crossmember and by using a lift, just raise the body up and roll the engine tranny and front wheels off to the side? I've seen it done on newer imports, why not a Z? Seems like it'd be a lot quicker and less risk of damaging bodywork than by using an engine hoist.
  13. TABrinn

    My new 240Z

    I've been procrastinating like crazy with the updated pics but here are a few. The weather sucked so the lighting wasn't the best but I still think you can get an idea of how kick ass the paint scheme turned out. Got my mags polished up and bolted on too! Still waiting on some 3 wing knock off center caps though. Let me know what you guys think. http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk246/TABrinn/img026.jpg http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk246/TABrinn/img025.jpg http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk246/TABrinn/img024.jpg
  14. TABrinn

    Subaru WRX Sti R180

    Well put me on the list, if your gauging interest!