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  1. Just recently my car started getting hot and I found that there was coolant under my passenger floorboard. I believe my car is getting hot due to the heater core possibly going out? But what my main question because I didn't find much information on it is how to replace it and any recommendations on what website to purchase one, I didn't find any forums and I don't want to start digging into my dash before I know what I'm getting myself into. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks
  2. Exactly what I needed to know! Thank you very much appreciated
  3. I currently have a 1978 280z with a 83 l28et swap. I'm running a stock ecu and im looking to upgrade and the questions I have are : 1. Is there a forum for step by step on instructions for mega squirt? I tried searching and didn't find what I needed. 2. Exactly what mega squirt ecu would be best and recommended with my application? 3. Is a Z31 ecu just as tune-able and good as a mega squirt? if so any ideas on where to find one, they seem hard to come by. 4. when running a cobra maps sensor does it have to be a cobra? if so what year does it need to be, and if not can i get one off any mustang? 5. would it be easier to build a new wiring harness or to re-pin the ecu into my current one? thanks!
  4. So I just recently did a l28et motor swap into my 78 280z. The car runs great except except I'm having a fuel problems with my fuel and it burning rich. When the car idles its fine, and when I drive it fast the cars fine; however, if I drive at any speed consistantly at lets say 3k Rpms cruising then the car will keep bogging out/ cutting out randomly causing the car to jerk. When I watch the wideband when it does it the car will be running at for example 12:1 and drop to 10:1 when it cuts out then jump back up to 12:1 and do this multiple times. The car is also burning extremely rich, if I put the car to 40psi which is what my friends have there turbo swap at then the car burns 10:1 no matter what and jerks way worse. In order for me to get it not to jerk I have to put the regulator all the way down to 20psi and the car has absolutely no power and still burns rich just not as bad. I know 100% that its hooked up right and I've also tried the stock regulator but see no difference. I've also checked the fuel filter and its not clogged, and I've checked the fuel lines and there's no kinks or anything. I know its not my injectors or injector plugs and all cylinders fire. Spark plugs are new and fine and so is everything in regards to ignition. I'm running a custom fuel rail, msd fuel pump, stock turbo injectors, and non rising fpr. And all plugs on the the harness are new and have been tested. Any advice helps because I'm running out of ideas! Thanks.
  5. I got it all figured out and shes purring like a cat:) thank you! I hooked up the ecu like you said and I didn't know how to specify which fusible link it was so I didn't mention which one it was sorry. I found out what the problem was though, something with the alternator wasn't right and is was burning up. I got a new alternator, hooked it up the same, and now there's no problem. Do you by chance know any good wires I could connect my electric fan too? I hooked it up to a 12v constant so it would always run but it keeps blowing a fuse after a couple minutes.
  6. Hi today I just swapped in and have everything ready to start my l28et motor swap into my 78 280z. I tried to turn the car over and the car has spark to the coil and the fuel pump is running and all that stuff but for some reason my ECU is not getting power. The other issue I ran into is my fusible link starts smoking if I connect the negative side of the battery up and this issue did not occur right away. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  7. Check any old hoses, make sure your spark plugs are good, timing is correct, and one thing that made my car run completly better and different is new fuel injection plugs. Also check and make sure your connections are not corroding.
  8. This weekend i'm doing a turbo swap into my1978 datsun 280z and I bought a AEM wide-band and boost gauge. The problems i'm having is knowing where or how to put them? I would like to have them mounted on the side by the window trim where most are. Does anybody have any ideas on how to make a custom pod or how to source one that will work? If not I want to put the wide-band where the clock is; however, I would not know where to put the boost gauge.I don't want to put it where the radio is because my friend has his located there and its not a very Continent place to look when your driving. THANKS:)
  9. Try a New Starter,or cooling temp sensor maybe?
  10. Hi. So i'm wanting to order a oil catch for my turbo motor but I was not sure about one thing. They have catch cans with breathers and without breathers. My friend has one with a breather for his l28et and when he took the breather off his car started acting funny. So the question I have is do I have to buy a catch can with a breather on it?
  11. Yes of course Xnke. Sorry I should have clarified that it was only relating to a barbed fuel rail.
  12. I honestly do not remember the spacing, I would have to go back and measure. Yeah of course I got a pic! Let me know if its good enough for you.
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