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  1. I weighed my 280 shell before and after I had the cage put in so I could keep an eye on what it all weighed. As a roller, no glass, no interior, but suspension/diff etc all in, the car weighed 1173# (see photo for car as weighed). Post cage that weight went up to 1293#, and as it sits now, in full fighting weight it's 2180.
  2. Hey Guys! Selling my lightly used knuckles. These were on the car for 4 auto-x weekends, and just have the light witness marks to prove it. These have a light interference with my brake rotors, hence the chamfer on the outside corner. Includes all the hardware that Dave sends with these (grade 10.9 bolts). Asking $125 shipped anywhere in the USA.
  3. When I drove @seattlejester 's car, it was a pretty apples to oranges comparison unfortunately, I'd need more data to make a real conclusion. A lot of people confuse understeer with bad weight distribution. You can have a 50/50 car that understeers like an absolute pig! With the build, try and keep the weight as close to the axles as you can, and low. That's gonna be the biggest help. As @OverkillZ mentioned, moving heavy objects off the nose will help with your weight, but at the end of the day, suspension will be the defining feature for handling characteristics. PS, look at all this tagging we can do now!
  4. Bummer on both counts! Saturday was a great day, was high overcast but fully dry. Afternoon test and tune was fun, I ended up messing with shocks a whole bunch. Sunday was real wet, but I did figure out some stuff with the rain tires. More events next year, so look out for those!
  5. Next opportunity to hang out with your Z buddies is just a week away! Slap that pre-reg link and save $5 off your entry fee! Pre reg link: https://scorekeeper.wwscc.org/register/or2018/events all sorts of good info: http://www.oregonscca.com/solo---autocross.html Let me know if you have any questions!!
  6. For your home testing, we use the "B" scale on Slow response at 50'. Measurement should be taken when vehicle is perpendicular to the meter at wide open throttle.
  7. Great pics! Don't remember your tire size, but TireRack is doing some sales and free shipping on orders over $50!
  8. HybridZ to the rescue! Excited to throw this tune on and see what she does!
  9. Awesome weekend, was stoked that SeattleJester was able to make it out! Couple mechanical issues for both of us on Sunday, but I'm excited to get back up there for September. Hoping a few other members will be able to make it up as well!
  10. Alright HybridZ, don't let me down! I've been battling with my ITB's for a little bit now and am getting properly frustrated. They are great at wide open, but have a really serious bog on tip in. This is very evident in a 1-2 shift under full power, rather than having smooth power once in 2nd gear, it jerks for a half second, then ramps in power. For auto-x this is super frustrating since there is a LOT of throttle stabs, modulation etc that accentuate the issue. A little bit about the motor, its a L28 Rebello built auto-x motor, 63DE cam, 45mm OER ITB's, 440cc high impedance injectors and LS1 coil packs. I'm running an MS3/3x. Tune and log are attached, I'd love it if somebody was able to look in this and tell me if I'm missing something obvious, or if something just looks off. I've had the car on several dynos, and the power is pretty good once it chokes through the stumble/bog. I'm going to have the injectors flow tested tomorrow, hoping that there is some sort of mechanical issue at play here. Coils were replaced recently and in testing, I've got VERY strong spark. Let me know if there's anything else that I can post up or answer! Thanks! Datsun Tune 2018-08-11.zip
  11. Sunday we just run an AM session, usually packing up and hitting the road around 1-2. I'm usually back in PDX before 6! Reminder/bump for the weekend. Saturday will be fun, we are doing a region BBQ, so bring something and come hang out! If you'd like to save some time, online pre-reg is available! https://scorekeeper.wwscc.org/register/or2018/events
  12. Loving this! Epic work sir, definitely will be following closely on your IG page. Front suspension looks amazing, I've thought about a double a arm kit, but that is next level! Really like all your progress pics for the body work, it's always great being able to learn! Are you just laying down fiberglass over the chickenwire forms?
  13. Sounds good to me!! I think the supertrapps will have a huge effect. Another easy trick if you have space is wrapping the entire exhaust with header wrap. That will take a couple DB's out if you're right on the edge. It's annoying to be sure, but it is honestly just to help us be good neighbors and keep sites. Particularly where it's been a sensitive topic, we don't want to push the issue. So your efforts are very appreciated, hope you make sound in Monroe and come join us in August/September!!
  14. We don't do fun runs on Sunday, helps people get out of there a little sooner! The competition portion of the event is usually around 6 runs, and the fun runs at the end of the day is usually at least that many. Classing headaches should be avoided at all cost. The SCCA rule book is a real serious read, particularly when you get into the prepared rules where the GCR comes into play! We haven't had anybody build a car for tuner challenge, its more or less designed to be a catch all for new drivers who's cars may or may not be appropriately classed. Some really common modifications, particularly around boost, put cars into REALLY high prep classes, so we tried to make it easy. Jon, you'd probably like the E-Mod rule set, although it doesn't allow wings. SCCA has been real hesitant to allow open aero in classes for fear of people spending heaps and heaps of cash.
  15. Hey Albatross! No special requirements for entry, apart from a basic safety/tech inspection. We check for batteries properly secured, brakes/clutch have good feel, no play in the wheel bearings, throttle has positive return, no loose items in the car, tires aren't corded or dry-rotted. Pretty straightforward! As for classes, I run in FP. XP, BSP and CS are usually where these cars fall, but OR-SCCA has a special class called "Tuner Challenge" for people who are just learning the ropes of the sport, and don't want/need to get bogged down with the hefty SCCA rule book. SCCA classing is another whole can of worms that we should probably discuss in another thread! Admission for a day event is $15 for a SCCA weekend membership (unless you happen to have an annual membership) and $35 for runs. Packwood on Saturday's we run a test and tune after our competition runs, which is $20. As you might suspect, the weekend membership is good for both Saturday and Sunday, so that is a one time cost for the weekend, and that $15 can be applied towards an annual membership should you get bit by the bug! Couple useful links: http://www.oregonscca.com/solo---autocross.html (Main site with schedule, results and other fun stuff!) http://www.oregonscca.com/uploads/8/5/9/0/85902804/supps.pdf (Supplemental rules, worth the read!)
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