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  1. Really?... lol. Ok. Thanks for the clarity.
  2. I was searching pictures on google and ran across this picture. I couldnt find it again (ive tried....)And when I found it initially, couldnt find any info on it.
  3. Great job moving along. Keep up the great work.
  4. Well, decided I didn't like the color of the car being the way it was. So I rattle canned it. Still have to do another coat but waiting for another good weather day.
  5. So I ordered some of the fender mirrors off of ebay, and a shifter bushing kit also off ebay. I also picked up a set of used hood vents. Im not sure about the fender mirrors though. Really 100% plastic and Im not sure how they would hold up after time. So im probably going to spend some good money for real ones. The hood vents need to be sanded down and repaired. They are missing some of the bolts that hold them on. And hopefully all will be fine.
  6. Wow. I have neglected this post.... well, With everything going the way it did, I sold the z. I am now out of the Army with a medical discharge. I just purchased a 260z from a member on here from San Diego. Right after I did, had to move. So now I'm back in Clarksville. I've been doing little things on the 260. Attaching my fenders, figuring out the needed pieces to the intercooler piping. And whatnot. So, as time goes by, I'll try to keep whoever want to follow, updated. Lol. At the same time, I am in school and busy with life. So it'll probably be slow still....
  7. Good point, I guess I should have been more thorough with my quest. I am looking to pay for one without paying for the new price. It is a 1971 so I would be needing an early model wheel cylinder. Thank you NewZed for bringing these points up to me.
  8. So over the New Years weekend, I ended up working at a farm and didn't get anything done with the z.... I am looking for a used pass wheel cylinder. (hint-hint) If anybody has one, I am in need. I don't want to buy a new one, I have plans on upgrading to Disc soon, so It would be needed just for the time being. Hopefully I can get some things done on her.
  9. Sure, Mine is pretty messed up. The bleeder screw broke off, then when trying to remove it, the extractor broke. So in order for me to make it work, I would have to drill a new hole and tap it for a new bleeder screw....
  10. I dont want to waste money on a new wheel cylinder when my plans call for a rear disc conversion soon. But in the mean time, I need a passenger rear brake wheel cylinder. Anybody have one?
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