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  1. Not only would your car have to be registered outside of California, your insurance and driver license would have to be out of state as well. Basically, I think your California home can not be your primary residence.
  2. Let the laws of California determine the right way. 1. See if your vehicle qualifies (35 year old, limited use collector car) 2. Get the proper insurance (collector) 3. Get your car smogged 4. If asked if the vehicle is modified, tell the truth 5. Pass the smog test and resmog the vehicle every two years. Why is irresponsible to show kids how the get their cars that qualify legally registered and smogged in California?
  3. Many of us on this forum live in a grey area including those with rb26dett and sr20det swaps. Even though an early car is exempt from a smog inspection, it doesn't mean it is a 100% legal in California to do one of these swaps. Most NOS kits are illegal in California also most aftermarket headers, homemade turbo and supercharger kits. Anytime you do any these non CARB approved upgrades on any smog equipped car in California (regardless of age) you are gaming the system. The difference it is now easier for post 76 Z cars (35 years and older) owners to get away with it. Now cars that are 3
  4. The new rule changes were intended to close the Historic Plate loophole. Many collectors were using the plates to make their cars smog exempt. Many of them, like you, took care of their cars but couldn't pass the visual inspection. Now only pre 76 cars are completely smog exempt (regardless of the plate) but you have more flexibility when smogging a 77 or 78 if it is not your primary transportation. If you haven't looked into collector car insurance you should. Hagerty insured my 78 Datsun 280z for $20000 with a 0 deductible for only $350 per year. I have a 5000 mile per year limit. I
  5. Maybe I should not have called it a loophole since it is a revision of the rules. BTW, my Lt1 swapped car is equipped with emission equipment ( EGR, catalytic converters, etc) so it not about ignoring the air emission laws. However getting the swap thru the BAR inspection can be a pain. Here are a few issues I would have to deal with. 1. Dual exhaust, dual cat exhaust system when the original car (95 Camaro) only had a single cat 2. The cats are 49 state legal but not CARB certified ( certified cost over $100 a piece more) 3. The cats are a few inches too far back 4. No air pump 5. I
  6. My goal is to inform the group about some changes in the emissions laws (Feb 2012) that they may not be aware of. Most of use don't drive our z cars everyday and they fit California's definition of a "Collector car". Is your Datsun over 35 years old? Is your z not your primary vehicle? Is it garaged? Do you have or can you get collector car insurance? Do you drive it on the road primary to commute to events (race track, car shows, car club events)? If you meet these criteria your vehicle qualifies as a collector car (whether you apply for the plates or not). You still
  7. Many of us know how difficult it is to get our later model V8 280z cars thru California smog inspection. While pre-1976 Z cars are smog exempt, anyone with a 77 or 78 Z car had to deal with CARB referee. Today I was looking at the CARB rulebook and I saw the following statement: "Vehicles with collector motor vehicles insurance policies that are at least 35 MYs years old are exempt from the visual inspection [as required by subdivision (f) of Section 44012 of the Cal. Health and Safety Code], but must comply with the emissions standards for its model year and pass a functional inspection
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