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  1. Ok guys, you keep talking about these mercedes turbo diesels so I decided to take a look. I have a lead on an om603 posted about a month ago on craigslist. They want 1000 for it, and I guess its running. I'm going to consolidate all the TDI info I found and put it into the first post. If anyone has a particular knowledge of the difficulty of the electronics for these engines (OM603) please speak up! I'm look at you gents who suggested it It seems the OM603 can in fact be mounted to the same toyo transmission that I was sourcing for the TDI swap
  2. I don't think I can afford an om606 and I've read it's a little difficult to find a standard transmission. With the tdi I can use a w55 or w56 toyota trans I think, and they seem to be a bit more available in my area.
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  4. Ok, So I looked into it and you're right. If I want all the electronics to be modern I'd have a lot of work cut out. On the other hand, I looked up more info on M-TDI injector pumps (hybrid pumps). They can be purchased here for a little over $530 (less if you have a core), or for the DIY folk there is a walk-through here. I'm going to stick with the mTDI pump because I'm lazy. I'm also going to purchase it because I have a budget that will allow me to do that. My cost estimates are as follows (various sources, not linked) AHU/1Z 1.9 TDI engine - 1500-2000 mTDI pu
  5. I think you're mistaken. This seems to paint a pretty nice picture of the electronics
  6. Thanks for the input. When it comes to engine reliability, I'm not really worried. My experience with euro engines hasn't been too negative. Maintaining a VW 1.9 may not be as cheap as a SBC 350, but I'm pretty sure it will be fine. There should be some SBC parts in the classifieds soon. PM me if you want something.
  7. Hey guys, I have a running sbc swap, but I'm not impressed with gas mileage at all. I'm also paranoid that I need a rebuild. I had a dream the other night and I think I may want to fab up some mounts to fit a VW turbo diesel (1.9 TDI). For a transmission, I've found an adapter that will allow me to use a Toyota truck transmission. This is a kit designed for a Suzuki, but I think if I measure it there shouldnt be much of a clearance issue. I should be able to use my current drive shaft once I've put the right hardware on the transmission side (correct spline). I should be able to use t
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FmGjBA3neU
  9. Hey guys, just throwing a video up. You can find the build stats on my other posts. Just got around to adding this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FmGjBA3neU
  10. Thanks for the input on the relays. I wonder if anyone here can help with this alternator? In particular, the spade terminal. I know one is signal, the other goes to an indicator light. Anyone know which is which? I've been looking at diagrams online for a while, but can't really determine which spade needs the 12v. This may sound dumb. Sorry!
  11. Maybe its time for a fuel cell with all the goodies?
  12. UPDATE. Runs and drives! Brakes need to be bled really bad, and my throttle cable has to be adjusted. Also, need to wire alternator, and install a coolant overflow tank. Sorry no pics! First thing in the morning...
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