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  1. I have it! Only problem is it cant read side to side angles which I have as well. Guess I could always lay my car over on its side! LOL.
  2. Cool, it sounds like we were building these cars at about the same time.. Well I guess that answers my question as I expected, just going to have to "create" some clearance. Am mad at myself because when I did my mockup with the new trans, I put it in but just raised the tail section with a jack and thought I was up as high as it needed to go and my alignment was fine. I took it back out and finished up some other things and then when I put it back in (all the way in), I realized the issue. Thanks guys. I know what I gotta do!
  3. So many questions I should have answered up front. My bad. JTR mounts so yes, offset to passenger side. R200 diff but using the Ron Tyler mount. I have the 2002 edition of the jtr manual and dont recall it mentioning denting the tunnel, but it may... or that may have been in a later release.
  4. Hey Zed, yes I feel like I have a good understanding of the parallel but not straight line. I normally shoot for 3 degrees . My issue is that I like to get the left to right alignment straight, then use my "up and down" to get the desired offset. The math gets deep when dealing with offsets up and down and side to side. At least for me anyway.
  5. So after about 15 years of shifting gears with my T5, my knees and my brain got tired of it so I converted over to a 700r4. Well actually a 4l60e but that is probably besides the point for my question. Its all together and working fine, but I am un-happy with my driveshaft angles. I know of countless ways I can adjust for my up and down to get the proper alignment, but I am all the way to the passenger side with my transmission to the point that I am hitting the tunnel, and looking from underneath, I need to move further in that direction to get a straight line from the diff to the rear of trans. My cross member is slotted so I can move it, but I am hitting the tunnel before I get to where I think I need to be. Is this common to have to "adjust" the tunnel quite a bit for this trans or am I missing something stupid.. And yes, I did a fair amount of searching and did not find the answer, but that does not mean its not there... I just didnt find it.. Oh, just realized my signature no longer has what it used to have so.. 1976 280z, SBC stroker motor. Thanks Jeff
  6. Ditto all of the above. Chickenman helped me as well and has profound knowledge of all things that matter in our world..
  7. I am probably a little late here but I am converting my car to auto so am about to pull my T5 and sell EVERYTHING related to the manual. From the tranny to the bellhousing to the clutch to the flywheel to the slave and master etc. Mine is a G-force built world class so it may be more than you need from a hp rating stand point. If you are still fishing around for parts or anything let me know. Jeff
  8. my story had been told on here and I have had much help from members so again...Thanks! Will re-cap but keep it short. I inhereted a non running 82 280zxt with MS3 that had previously been on the road and then died. I am old school, but am learning this tuner stuff as fast as I can. Anyway, have had the car running for a while (thanks again) but have had some various issues so it now has me questioning my spark advance table. I did not build this table, it was given to me amongst all the data I got with the car so I don't know its origin. I have compared it to a few others I have found on line and it looks quite different. Can someone with a similiar setup compare to what theirs looks like an tell me if this table looks reasonably close? The values seem high to me based on what I have read and somewhat backwards in some ways as well... I attached a pic of the table as well as the ign settings. I expect there are more questions that I will need to answer to get help so feel free to ask them and I will answer to the best of my ability. Thanks Jeff
  9. Did you get your bell housing? I have a SBC T5 bellhousing that I just replaced with a blowproof so I no longer need it. Not sure if this is what you are looking for since you specified "turbo t5 bellhousing".. Let me know, Thanks Jeff
  10. Pulled tranny and found the problem. My centerforce II clutch failed. All the friction pads from one side are gone! Not worn off, just gone.... Contacting them now to see if can get some help as I expect it should not have done that... While I have it all apart, I may convert to an Automatic. Anybody interested in G-force T5?
  11. HICKL

    WTB T5 Trans

    I am considering swapping to an automatic and if so would be looking to sell my G-force T5. I have not decided what I would be asking for it, looks like new ones are up around $3500. If you are interested or needing one to handle lots of HP, let me know and I will figure out what its worth to me. Still on the fence about the swap so trying to work the numbers!
  12. HICKL

    AFM fluctuation

    I do, I will take a look at that and see. Will come back when I have done so. Thanks!
  13. HICKL

    AFM fluctuation

    Its an innovate digital db series wideband.
  14. I have a different thread on here for a different issue but that has been resolved (thanks everybody) so started a new one for a much less severe issue. I have an 81 zxt running MS3 and an innovate O2 sensor. Car seems to run pretty good but was curious about some finer tuning so hooked up a digital AFM gage. Driving down the highway at steady throttle/cruise, my readout is all over the place from 12 to 14, so much so that I really have to guess to determine the average. The car is running smooth etc so all would seem fine but my gage is telling me my fuel mixture is all over the place. I am an old school mechanic, but am pretty green to this tuner world where computers are in control instead of a carburetor. I cant imagine this much fluctuation is normal...is it? If not, would be open to any clues as to where to look to get it settled down. Thanks Jeff
  15. I remember it is a centerforce clutch, but that's all I can tell you. Has been a long time since I did all that. I tightened up the linkage and it had no effect. regarding the 7/8" of travel, is that measured a the bell housing or at the slave?
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