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  1. OTM that is awesome! To the kind of pple that are on a budget paint job, that is a show car paint job. Atleast it is to me. I now for sure know that I am goin to be painting my car with gloss black rustoleum. Side note, If you then the paint out more rolling it on, wont it have less of a orange peal look? Just what Im thinking, I have no experience at all in paint so go ahead and correct me if im wrong.
  2. Great job on the build tim. I've been debating if i want to use a l28 engine, or swap. Now that i see what you have done, its just amazing, and makes me want to build up a stroker. Is there a website or another forum that has your build specs?
  3. Does the LD28 Bolt to a 4/5 speed datsun tranny? or does the swap also take the maxima tranny also?
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