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  1. I wonder what it would cost to ship that to 98311?
  2. damn! wish you were on the west coast! I'd buy it right now!
  3. send me a picture of the ring gear and how much to ship to 98311
  4. ok, can you pull the cover and check the numbers on the ring gear just to be sure? thanks
  5. looking for a long nose r200 diff with 3.90 gears, got one?
  6. looking for a long nose diff with 3.90 gear for my 77 280Z, got one?
  7. did I see a differential in the background? how much to ship via fed-ex to 98311?
  8. looking for a R200 diff with 3.90 gears for my "77" 280, got one?
  9. do you know if those seats will fit a 280Z? thanks
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