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  1. There are high torque mini starters for the Chevy small block engines. Relatively inexpensive and easily available. Nice to work with because of the smaller size too. Shims may help line it up but if it's not engaging and not spinning you may need a new starter and or battery too something's worn out. Keep us posted! Aloha, BOLO
  2. Welcome to the group! I assume it's a 350 vortec Chevy engine in your Burban? If you want to use a automatic trans it depends if you want to go cruising or build it for speed. I'm in the process of "possibly" doing another conversion on a 83 280zx myself. The guys and gals on here have a lot of respect and help out a lot. I'm a newbie to the Datsun Nissan scene but have been around Chevrolet stuff most my life. An automatic transmission for cruising I would say a 700r4 or 4l60e would be best because of the overdrive gearing. If your like me and want to go sideways or go fast once you mash the pedal....a th350 or th400 automatic trans will work fine. If you can find a 700r4 that is the old style kick down cable overdrive type you will not need much in the way of wiring. Same with th350 or th400. The 4l60e is a wiring freak but you can run it with your stock suburban harness too if it's an automatic. The sites that was recommended above is a great place to start. You can reference the parts from there or if you have a scrapyard near you the parts will be easy to find. Good luck and please keep us posted. Aloha from Hawaii! BOLO
  3. Thanks Domzs! I have the shorty headers and can modify them if needed to clear the steering arm. Hoping for a smooth swap IF I decide to go that route. Thanks again bud!
  4. Thank you 240z72!! I've been contemplating doing just that. Pull the driveline and either sell it or store it. I'm a bit of a car parts hoarder lol I really like the idea of something set up to install quickly with wire harnesses like the ls series motors. But my problem comes in the future when I need to fix something. Electrical newbie to the max is what I am. My s13 240sx is a beast with a mild small block Chevy gen1 motor and th350 trans! Reason for thinking about the v8 swap in the 280zx? I've got engines and transmissions sitting in my garage on engine stands built and ready to go. Also have most of the needed conversion parts as well. Awesome post my friend! I appreciate it a lot. Alohas BOLO
  5. Aloha gang! I have an 83' 280ZXT that I have had for around 2 years. Aquired it from a sin city z club member who shipped it to Hawaii from Lasvegas. Always wanted one of these but don't know much about these engines. So its been sitting. Can't find a decent mechanic here who's reliable. So I'm considering a v8 swap. Sbc engines are straight forward and simple for me. Would love to keep her original though. Getting ready to begin work soon as I decide. Aloha from Hawaii! BOLO
  6. I'm afraid I also don't know much about the LS1 engines as well. Not much of a electrical guy. Therein lies my Delia with the original engine in my 280zxt. Hoping to get started soon.
  7. Now that....that's a great comment right there miles. Thank you. These are the types of comments I love to see. I will continue this poll thread until I make a final decision on what route to take. I simply am leaning towards the conversion because I have everything I need. But, still would love to keep her straight. Alohas friends, BOLO
  8. Oh...also gang I have most of the parts necessary for this conversion if that's the way I decide to go. I need the adapter plates for the mounts on the engine. The triangle shaped ones. But I can fabricate them from 1/4 inch steel and use the measurements from the mounts to do it. Unless someone can send me the numbers on here? I'm also going to need the th350 motorsport transmission mount bracket as well. Unless i go with the 700r4 then ill need the motorsports trans brackets. I got shorty headers, engine mounts, engines, transmissions, electrical wiring, aluminum racing radiators, b and m shifters, high stall converters, etc etc. But I wanted to get opinions on which to pursue. As was mentioned either learn the l28 or step off the pot right? I take no offense at ANY input or comments folks. I'm simply taking a poll to help me decide what to do. Thank you everyone.
  9. I believe you are correct my friend. I've raced against these things in high school and they were fast back then. I see some good 1/4 mile times on the Internet nowadays as well. If I could send the car to a tech I would do it. But very hard to find reliable ones here in Hawaii. I'd love to keep her "original" just for the fact that I intend to hend these cars down to my grandkids in the future. I've got 3 grandsons and 4 granddaughters. So, I'm always looking for my next project car. Mahalo friend! BOLO
  10. You are correct Newzed. Been looking for a tech for 2 years unsuccessfully. I have a few sbc engines already built and on engine stands as well as a nice selection of automatic Chevy transmissions too. 700r4 old style kick down type, th350 and th400 on hand. So I have been leaning heavily towards the swap. As for trading to a camaro....I wanted to keep this car as a fun driver to take the wife to Sunday breakfast when I don't feel like driving my 74' stingray around town. Not to mention my grand kids are nearing driving ages and I want to hand these cars down to them in the future. I'm always thinking ahead and that may be my problem. lol Thanks for your input and help. BOLO
  11. Thanks for your input friend. I appreciate it a lot. My problem is the only folks locally here that "say" they can work on it are in their late teens ans early 20's. A bit spooky for this old fart to do. That's the main reason for thinking swap. IF I can get a decent tech here I would absolutely love to keep her with the original engine set up. Mahalos, BOLO
  12. Thank you Domzs! I own a 90' sx with a mild race Sbc conversion and th350 trans too with a 2500 stall converter. That thing is super fun to drive! But, I have owned this 83 280zxt car for a couple years and I'm ready to begin working on it. The turbo motor turns but will not fire. I have been thinking and troubleshooting but looks like the transistor next to the coil is a culprit and possibly the pick up as well. I appreciate all input folks! Thank you. BOLO
  13. Hi gang I'm considering doing a SBC swap on my 83zxt 2 seater car. Question is whether or not to do so. I will add photos of what is available here and what I have on hand. But...the question is should I attempt the swap or should I attempt to rebuild original? Please feel free to comment folks. I will not take offense at any comments made. I am here to learn and could use all the experience y'all have collectively.
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