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  1. Hardest part is adding a second set of injector bungs into the intake, the rest is easy! I've put about 5-600 miles so far on 5 gallons of race gas. Including a night out at the track. Definitely a good mod.
  2. I've got a few updates on the car, and a couple pics, but no videos just yet... I've taken it to the track again 1 time since the last post and managed to get a 6.6 @ 106. Same 1.4 60 ft. This time though, the car is pulling the front wheels off the ground. I would feel the front end slam down a moment after launching and had no idea what it was. Then after talking to one of the tech guys there, He mentioned that the car was pulling wheelies. Shows how observant I am. Also, I got tired of having to buy race gas for the car every time I wanted to take it out to the track so I designed
  3. The new set up looks good! Should be a monster,(again) I think my S475 on my Datsun spooled just as bad as your S480. Because I only had a 4.8L in mine. Haha. Little update on the coupe... Took it out to the track on the GT42, Managed to get a best of 6.7 @ 105mph 1.4 60ft. it was at roughly 14psi of boost, with some 110 leaded gas. I feel like it should be faster then that, just in comparing it to the Z. But it was only my first time out with the new turbo so there is plenty of room for improvement.
  4. Nice! Those should work out pretty nice. Got any pics of the new set up so far? What did the S480 spool at?
  5. Just a little word of advice, make sure you don't have any problems with the head gasket. I've seen many times where cooling system components keep failing (when new) and its all due to excessive cooling system pressure from a blown head gaskets. Just something to think about.
  6. SQ, If i could have upgraded the twins easily I would have, but there just wasn't enough space around where the turbos sat to accommodate a physically larger turbo. what turbos are you going with? Hows the motor doing? I remember a while back to did a little damage to it, any updates on that thing? If you know of anyone interested in my old twin set up, let me know!
  7. You're welcome to check it out anytime you would like, working on it or not. What kits are you looking at? I should be done with the turbo install tomorrow, and will probably be driving it around next weekend a bunch. If I'm up in your area I can swing by your place. Speaking of new turbo.... Here's a sneak peak pic of the progress.
  8. Thanks! The Toy is doing great. I'm switching around the turbo setup quite a bit here, should have it back on the road in a few weeks. I'm ditching the twin set up and installing one big single. Forced performance was selling Journal bearing GT series HTA turbos for a good price so I purchased one of their GT4294HTA turbos. Should be a monster!!!! I'll let ya'll know how it goes.
  9. Thanks! A/W is the only way I can fit any decent kind of intercooler on this car. More then likely the A/R is too big for the motor. I'm setting up a 2-step / anti lag system on the car right now and will be taking it back out to the track on Nov. 3rd. Should be an improvement over the last time.
  10. Well I need to spend some more time tuning with these turbos. Its pretty hard to compare the two set ups. Even though these turbos are pretty small, they are quite laggy. So I'm having a bit of trouble spooling them off the line. Once I set up a 2-step in the car i'll have a better idea of what the car can do at the track. Currently, I launch the car at 6k rpm side stepping the clutch and it takes off like crazy but doesn't start boosting yet. So the RPM ends up dropping back down to 2 - 2500 then it starts to build boost and take off again. So there is a lot of down time that I'm miss
  11. Haha! Of course, just let me know ahead of time.
  12. You can run it long enough to verify that its got good oil pressure, and doesn't make any funny noises.
  13. How do you know that dust is getting into the fluid? What kind of clutch set up do you have? did you buy it new or used? I had a problem back in the day with my Datsun where I heated up my disk really good. There was this gel material that surrounded the springs in the clutch disk, which ended up melting off after I cooked it really good. It fell in between the lining material and the PP / Flywheel and caused some disengagement problems. ended up replacing the disk with a new one and didn't have any more problems after that. I never touched any of the hydraulics in the system. Only except
  14. Thanks! The turbos are T04B's. compressor wheels measured at about 55mm each. my goal is for 600 at the wheel on pump (maybe with methanol injection) through a T56. Should make out for a FUN street car.
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