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  1. The gated style? I would think a stock shifter would have to much play for one. I'd like to see it done though.
  2. Ha! Nah...I'm usually the DD! I hate Crown, but I do love me some Dos Equis Ambar
  3. I know I'm bringing back an old thread, but I'm a sucker for shift knobs! this is mine for now. I have a black crown royal bag that's going on shortly to match a little better
  4. I know it's not your traditional start up and rev clip, but I didn't think about recording until it was almost too late! I'll see about getting a start up clip and maybe a better drive by style clip too. I recorded this on my phone by the way... It's a N42 head on an F54 block, carbureted. N42 exhaust manifold into 2.5" pipe into a Flowmaster Original 40 series 1 into 2 muffler. Both the tail pipes are 2.25" tubing coming out side-by-side in the stock location with 3" exhaust tubing "tips". I think it sounds mean as hell! I'll get some pics up of the underside also. Anyways, let me know what you think... Good or bad comments are welcome! I like constructive critisism
  5. For those of you using redline...How long have you been running it? I've heard good and bad things about it.
  6. Don't konw the brand of wheels as I got them in a local trade. 17X7 with a pretty high positive offset. I had to get a 2 inch adapter/spacer and all is well now. Tires are Michelin Pilot MXM4 225/50-17.
  7. I just finished up on a 240sx 5 speed swap into my 83. I had the original 5 speed in it first. Now, I have a 3.90 rear end, but at 70mph, I'd run about 3500rpm. That tranny went out and I had a 4 speed out of a 76 laying in the shop, so I swapped it in just to get it back on the road. At 70mph, I'd run about 4000rpm. Now I've swapped the 240sx tranny in and I'm running about 2500-2600rpm at 70mph. Much better imo and I'm getting about 27mpg too.
  8. Okay, all the bearings look to be fine (all the balls are there) and the pilot bushing is good too in the first transmission. I'm gonna try to get the other transmission out tonight and hopefully apart, but that may be tomorrow, we'll see there's the shift fork that broke around the roll pin.
  9. The roll pin in the shift fork is fine, but the fork did crack around the pin, so that may have been the problem. And I'm not ignoring you newzed, I'll cheek it out when I get to the shop today.
  10. I haven't torn into the 2nd transmission yet, but hopefully I'll get it out and apart tomorrow evening.
  11. On the first transmission, 1st gear would kinda come and go so to speak. It would slide into place, but it didn't have the "catch" feeling like normal. And when I let off the clutch, it would act like it never went into gear at all, just stayed in neutral. Then it would go into gear and shift just fine. I drove it for about 2 days like that, then it just locked up going into 3rd. I played around a little and got it into 2nd and limped to a parking lot where I left it and towed it to our shop. The transmission in it now is starting to do the same thing. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are going in and out, reverse is just fine. I actually drove in reverse to the shop (about a mile) from where it started acting up. I haven't driven it since Now, I did get the original transmission taken apart today and it's very bad! Most of the gears are gone, like missing teeth gone. I'll get pics up soon
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