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  1. I searched, but didn't see that anyone else has tried this - but my search might not have returned everything. Anyone try this option and what were your results? http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/PFFC15 It looks to be an exchange process, where you send them your working ECU and you recieve this re-mapped ECU. I'm interested in this b/c it would be a simple plug-n-play, no muss, no fuss (I'm assuming). Let me know what you guys think. -Green Goblin
  2. I'm interested in getting a Garrett Turbo upgrade without an internal wastegate, so the external (like this thread covers) would be necessary. So.....here's my main question: Who's seen GOOD results and BAD results and which METHOD to you utilize. Those types of feedback would be invalauble to someone like myself wanting to do this. Please guys, update this thread letting us all know the RESULTS and feeback. Thanks Guys! GreenGoblin
  3. Hello fellow Z Gear Heads!

    I'm an avid car nut at heart and enjoy home theater as well as photography AND MY FAMILY!

    I live in Georgia - near Atlanta - Marietta. I think I got a "warn status" for quickly putting "anywhere usa" in my profile b/c I was wanting to register quickly to get going, LOL.

    I'm excited to learn alot on these...

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