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  1. I found a 1976 280Z with a completed 350 conversion for sale. The work looks excellent and the overall condition is great! He's only asking $3,000. However nothing electrical works. It runs and drives but the gauges, lights and wiper do not work. I was wondering if anyone had an idea what the problem could be? I'd like to buy it but not if I have to spend all my free time tracing down gremlins. Thanks!
  2. I'm working on restoring a 1976 280Z and am in the midst of repairing rusting floor boards. For the most part the rust didn't penetrate so I sanded it down and treated it with the POR15 Prep & Ready with good results. Now, there are two minor holes about an 8th of an inch across in the floor. Can I paint over the whole floor with the POR15 paint and then apply a body filler over the paint or should I apply a metal body filler before the paint? Anyone with experience? Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm working on restoring a 1976 280Z but have had a lot of trouble locating a fuel tank in useable condition. The one I have is all rusted out and the only place that refurbishes them that I could find wants 350 to do it. I'm on a budget so I'd rather not go that route. I understand that the '76 and '77 tanks are different. My questions is; could you use a '77 tank on a '76 if you switched out the spare tire well? This is my first build/restore so I'm trying to find the easiest/most inexpensive to do things with out compromising quality. Any help would appreciated. Thanks
  4. I've been doing a lot of research on it. I could clean it out myself, I'm just not overly confident about the reseal. That and I don't have much down time and the process takes a long time from what I've I read. It sucks no one makes them anymore. I guess the demand just isn't there. My father rebuilt a '66 Mustang and bought a new tank for around $75.00.
  5. Hey, I'm in need of a rust free fuel tank from a 1975 or 1976 280Z. It's the one thing holding up my build. The only place around here I can find that refurbishes them wants almost $400 to do it. That's a bit more than I'm willing fork over. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Located in Western Washington. Thanks!
  6. That's what I figured. I appreciate it!
  7. Hey everyone, I'm brand new to the site and was hoping I could get some help. I've searched the forums and found similar threads but not quite what I need. I recently bought a 1976 280Z and need to replace the fuel tank. I'm on a budget and am trying to figure out the cheapest route. My question: Is it possible to swap the fuel tank from my 280Z with one from a 240Z? They both have a very similar shape and size. I'm hoping I can get as detailed an answer as possible. I have to keep car at my folks place due to my home owners regulations and don't have a lot of time experimen
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