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  1. i lost the bracket that goes right behind the turn signal, cruise control,whiper blades, its on a 1981 280zx. it stops the turn signal assembly from spinning. its just a little bracket between the turn signals and the ignition bracket. it goes around the steering wheel shaft and only one screw keeps it together. if anybody happens to have another please pm me or email me at calebmad@yahoo.com
  2. why dont you just look up a hydrogen generator i ran a lawn mower off of only distilled water and it ran better than before. there pretty easy to make so dont let all the measurements scare you and go with a dry cell. you can run one in your vehicle pretty easy set up also. and if you dont want to make one buy the whole kit on ebay. it adds miles per gallon, cleans emissions by 400% adds throttle response and power,
  3. ok so im in afghanistan right now and im gonna be buying a 1981 280zx from my girlfriends dad and i decided i hate the front of the car, i have been looking for about a week for some bumpers but cant find anything its all the same dang thing, i was wondering does anybody know of a web site with some decent bumpers that have a very nice look to them or should i just say forget that and build my own?
  4. hey drax this is a very well put together article, it explains allot of possibilities and were to get alot of stuff which is what we are looking for. i give you a 10 out of 10 the whole way. im getting ready to buy a 1981 280zx from my girl friends dad and i dont have a clue what has been done to it or what the engines shape is because i only seen the outside of it, im currently in afghanistan and when were not doing convoys or other random stuff i usually sit on this web site looking stuff up to do to it and i would have to say this is the best put together list i have seen on this site. thank you very much!!!
  5. Were can you get replicas exactly,, like what kind of shop or Web site
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