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  1. If this is still on the table, count me in. I would definitely commit to buying a set.
  2. Thanks again RebekahsZ and Beermanpete. I bought a set a conical lug nuts to use. I am going to be using spacers. I ordered 1.5" hubcentric spacers as the front wheels rub on the struts. They're bolt-on spacers. Hopefully that shouldn't cause an issue.
  3. Weeee! I'm surprised you knew they were ARE wheels since there are other wheels that look just like them. I just went to the shop and bought some acorn nuts and they work perfectly. Thanks for your help and thanks to everyone else who chimed it too. As always, I appreciate it. One last note, I do wonder if these wheels can run both acorns and mags because that area around the hole definitely look like a groove for a washer. Anyway, acorns it is!
  4. Thanks for the reply, Blue. You're always good for a reply. You're like a Z Angel. Unfortunately, I don't have any lug nuts laying around. I did try out the stock nuts and they didn't fit very well. Unfortunately, I don't remember in what way they failed. Looks like I'll have to try it out again. Also, these wheels were given to me (in horrible condition but still free!) so I don't have the previous nuts for reference. Take a look at my first post again. I edited it to include a picture from when I did a test fit. It looks like there might be some space there. I might just have to buy some nuts to test it out.
  5. Hybrid Army, I'm in no way a wheel expert so to many of you, this will be a very dumb question. I have these wheels that I reconditioned but I don't know if they lug nut type for these wheels are Acorn or Mag. The have a small recess that looks like it could be acorn but at the same time, there's a large flat area that looks like it could be for a washer on a mag style lug nut. I'll toss the BEFORE reconditioning pic below so you can check it out: Also, if you're curious, I'll throw in some pics of how they looked after I reconditioned them: In this picture, The two non-painted wheels have been grinded/sanded to remove the pitting, peeling, and corrosion. As always, Thanks for the help. EDIT: Test Fit Picture
  6. The 280ZX illuminated console emblem sounds cool. I'd def be interested in that. If you produce them, I hope you'd make is so that we could easily replace the LED given we'd like a change of color.
  7. An aftermarket bumper or custom bumper should help you out a bit. In my opinion, a bumperless S130 doesn't really look better than one with a stock bumper. S30s can take theirs off all day but, pinched front and large overbite of the S130 makes it look a little awkward. But, again, my own opinion. You don't need me to tell you to rock your car how you want to. () Nice wheels BTW. I want something similar but in a 16".
  8. I think I'll use a catch pan and just remove the hoses from the valve and hope that it doesn't spill out too much. I'd like to replace the hoses but, one of the hoses is part of the combination heater hose that goes through the firewall. I'm not willing to pull my dash apart to change that am I'm not going to pay someone to do it either. I only plan on running this engine for one more year before swapping it out. Hopefully the current hoses will last for another year. As someone mentioned, the hoses do appear to be a little brittle from age. I'm going to have to go about this carefully as to no crack or split one of the hoses. As for the engine swap next year, I'm thinking Arby's! (Get it?!!)
  9. Coolant shouldn't be nasty since I just recently replaced the radiator and flushed the system. I replaced the radiator because I was told the old one was busted and leaking. After I replaced it, I noticed that I was still losing coolant but, at a slower rate. After a lot of searching, I finally located the leak and it was that valve. I'm not an automotive guru like many people on this forum but, I am capable of doing a lot of smaller things myself. This doesn't appear to be out of the realm of what I can handle however, I was curious as to the amount of fluid I'd lose in the process. I don't have a garage or a house. I live in a condo and I'm pretty sure the associating wouldn't take too kindly to me dumping a ton of coolant in the parking lot... I'd prefer not to take it to a shop because I'm not trying to pay out the butt to have this seemingly minor then repaired. I guess my next line of business then is to find all the proper replacement hoses. Thanks again, all.
  10. Thanks for all the replies everyone, as always, I really appreciate it!
  11. So, I have a bad heater T-valve in my car and ordered a new one to replace it. The bad valve is part of the heater hose connection. If I disconnect these hoses to replace the valve, will I drop a ton of coolant everywhere or just a little? Bad Valve New Valve Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to add that to my project list. As with most members here, that list seems to be never ending. Although, most things on my list aren't stock issues but desired modifications. When I add up all the costs of my desires, I feel like I'm taking on a daunting task. I need to find a good source of cash flow. Do you know if there is a need for male prostitutes?...
  13. My washer pump works however, it only sprays to the front. If I try to spray the rear, the fluid only drips out ever so slightly. You can hear the pump engaging. I'm not sure why it won't spray. I never tried to really examine it. For now, it's not that serious so I'm not too worried about it. Down the road though, I'd definitely like to look into it. And, I don't see myself looking for a working level sensor. So, I guess I'll just leave that disconnected, heh.
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