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  1. Sorry for not noticing your reply. Yes, I still have the wing and it's still for sale. If you're interested please send me a PM.
  2. Here's a picture from when I did a dry fitting of the wing to my car. The wing isn't mounted, it's just sitting on the back of the hatch:
  3. Here are some side'ish profile pics. I hope these help:
  4. Bump for new information. The wing will be boxed like a champ in the same box that it arrived in from Japan.
  5. EDIT - I am willing to trade it for a quality set of standard (non-wide) ZG Flares. I imported this classic EVA wing from Japan a couple years back. This is a real EVA wing and not the cheaper knockoff. It's in mint condition (not a scratch on it but has obviously has been painted). I don't think this is the look I'm going for so, I'll finally let it go if someone wants it. If not, it's going to look awesome on my display shelf. The price is $330 Shipped in the US 48 states (you'd pay more to import one in rough condition). It'd be kind of a waste for it to become a shelf topper so, if anyone is going for this particular classic Japanese street fighter look, this would be a good addition. I will entertain any reasonable offer. Attached some reference photos in case you're unfamiliar with the EVA wing.
  6. If this is still on the table, count me in. I would definitely commit to buying a set.
  7. Thanks again RebekahsZ and Beermanpete. I bought a set a conical lug nuts to use. I am going to be using spacers. I ordered 1.5" hubcentric spacers as the front wheels rub on the struts. They're bolt-on spacers. Hopefully that shouldn't cause an issue.
  8. Weeee! I'm surprised you knew they were ARE wheels since there are other wheels that look just like them. I just went to the shop and bought some acorn nuts and they work perfectly. Thanks for your help and thanks to everyone else who chimed it too. As always, I appreciate it. One last note, I do wonder if these wheels can run both acorns and mags because that area around the hole definitely look like a groove for a washer. Anyway, acorns it is!
  9. Thanks for the reply, Blue. You're always good for a reply. You're like a Z Angel. Unfortunately, I don't have any lug nuts laying around. I did try out the stock nuts and they didn't fit very well. Unfortunately, I don't remember in what way they failed. Looks like I'll have to try it out again. Also, these wheels were given to me (in horrible condition but still free!) so I don't have the previous nuts for reference. Take a look at my first post again. I edited it to include a picture from when I did a test fit. It looks like there might be some space there. I might just have to buy some nuts to test it out.
  10. Hybrid Army, I'm in no way a wheel expert so to many of you, this will be a very dumb question. I have these wheels that I reconditioned but I don't know if they lug nut type for these wheels are Acorn or Mag. The have a small recess that looks like it could be acorn but at the same time, there's a large flat area that looks like it could be for a washer on a mag style lug nut. I'll toss the BEFORE reconditioning pic below so you can check it out: Also, if you're curious, I'll throw in some pics of how they looked after I reconditioned them: In this picture, The two non-painted wheels have been grinded/sanded to remove the pitting, peeling, and corrosion. As always, Thanks for the help. EDIT: Test Fit Picture
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