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  1. Right now everythingbone stock. I do plan on getting one of their cams but i don't have that kind of money right now. So for now i was just going to get springs. My plans are for it to be a dd but sort of a power house too, if you will. And to just make it a little more reliable, after all it is a 30 yearold car. Thanks for your info guys!
  2. I plan on upgrading my valve springs on my l28e with schnieder ones, but there are different ones. Just wondering if anyone could tell me which ones to get. Thanks in advance!
  3. It still has the original ignition switch in it. Just no keys. The part i got from AZ is just a 10$ universal starter/ ignition switch, i Can't seem to find it On the website. I'll post pics when i get home from work. Btw, it's a 1983 280zx. The one i bought has 4 contacts on it. Battery, accessory, starter, and ignition. The stock blue plug has 5 wires, the bottom right(yellow) is for battery, and bottom left (white/ blue i think) is fur the starter. I tried every combination for the other ones but can't seem to get it. Thanks for your help guys!
  4. So somewhere along the life of my s130, someone lost the keys. The ignition switch is messed up now from a PO using a screw driver to turn it to the on position, and there is a flip switch for the starter. Anyways, i bought a universal ignition switch from autozone, i tried to wire it up but just couldn't seem to get it. The blue plug that plugs into the original ignition, i found the battery wireand the starter wires, but can't seem to get it to where when the key is in the on position or acc to get anything to happen. Just wondering if anyone else installed one before and could help me in do
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