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  1. Post a pic of what? Every variant of the IMSA three piece spoiler ever made? I am asking for pics. "Has anybody actually seen the "Nissan" made spoiler? Anybody have pics?" http://lmgtfy.com/?q=datsun+imsa+spoiler Tony D, I bet you know.
  2. Does anybody know if the factory IMSA 3 piece spoiler (P/N 9/6-E6001 "IMSA Legal" spoiler)was made of fiberglass or Urethane / polyurethane? My Fairlady had a fiberglass one installed in Japan by the dealer, but I don't know if it was an actual Nissan part. Has anybody actually seen the "Nissan" made spoiler? Anybody have pics? I have a fiberglass and a urethane /polyurethane version. The urethane or polyurethane? looks to be the better quality spoiler.
  3. Just thought I would give you a shout, goin to be in Jersey/NY sometime this summer.

  4. Nothing much - how you been? Whats new?

  5. Ok...? This is irrelevant, the windshield is interchangeable. Take a look at the OP's question. I mentioned the 2+2 being 20mm wider because maybe that is why there are two different part numbers. I said nothing about the windshield not being compatible.
  6. I lived in an apartment many moons ago where my Fairlady stayed parked under a shade tree undisturbed. One day after a couple of weeks since I drove it last, I went to go for a spin. I noticed the driver's side emblem was gone, walked to the passenger side and it's gone also. About a week later, I saw a Nissan Sentra parked a few buildings from mine with "Fairlady Z" emblems on it. I called the police, the guy admitted he stole them. No jail, ticket or anything. I got my emblems back minus the pins he broke off and a crap load of silicone he used to glue them on. Back then those emblems wh
  7. That blue 72 is on ebay now My link There is a 75 GS 30 on CL in Canada My link There was a pretty rough one that did not sell on ebay not too long ago for I think $700? It was a GS 30
  8. I am meeting a guy in the morning whose has some OEM fenders he said he bought from a Nissan dealer in the 80's. He says the part numbers may not be present. (63100 N4700 and 63101 N4700) Anybody know how to determine if they are Nissan? Thanks
  9. I remember all of those parts going so cheap, I also inquired about buying the entire car, it is probably a washing machine by now.
  10. The 432-R left the factory on standard 4.5J steel wheels, leaving customers to choose their own wheel and tire combinations. Initially the 432 was fitted with the magnesium alloy wheels. In fact, after a while, the road going 432 could be bought without the expensive- and somewhat delicate-alloys. Apart from the badges, a distinguishing feature on the 432 was the way the exhaust pipes exited the back of the car; the two pipes were stacked on top of each other, sitting in a cut-out in the rear apron. The exhaust system for the 432 was produced by Fujitsubo.
  11. Another "small" thing people forget about is the cowl and wiper assembly are different.
  12. I need a 74 to 79 not 80 to 83.
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