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  1. looks awesome. Where did you get those brathing vents for the upholstery?
  2. Found an answer. here : In the Post from Tony D. Topic: Will a '77 2+2 Windshield fit a '77 Coupe It is the thickness of the window frame. So the coupe seal works on a 2+2 (tighter fit) but not the other way round. Thank you guys anyway.
  3. The only difference i can think of is the thickness of the sheetmetal on the windshield frame. MSA and Black Dragon Automotivehave different seals listed for the 2+2 and the coupe. Maybe someone, currently having there windshield removed, can do some measuring.
  4. There is a major difference in the price. 130€+VAT for the 2+2 vs. 390€+VAT for the coupe version. I accidentally ordered the 2+2 seal for my 240z. I hope it works the other way round as well.
  5. Can someone tell me the difference between the windshield seal for a coupe (Part-No. 72610-E4600) and the one for the 2+2 (Part-No. 72610-N3700)? Since the windshield itself is interchangeable. Thanks.
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