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  1. I did notice that most of my rear bushings are worn out and cracked. Also my shocks and struts are shot in the front and back. I guess I was I need of some direction on where to start my repairs first
  2. Thank you for the reply one thing I did notice was that the rear strut tower on the passenger side was closer to the frame of the car. On the side I was having the issue the strut tower was pushed outward more away from the frame of the car
  3. Hey guys I was trying to figure out what would cause my drum brake on the rear to tilt in towards the body of the car with with the side of it going inward towards the driver door. Is there anything to adjust this? The wheel toe is inward only on driver rear
  4. JDs78

    BC Coilover Group Buy?

    Would it work on a 78 280z?
  5. Today will mark the day in which I start my ls swap on my 78 280z. I resently sold my 09 ctsv that was making 750 to the wheels wanting to make the same power but in a lighter body .The car was resently painted yesterday in which I will finish up and then pull the motor. Should have pulled motor first I know but o well. My goal is to have a fun Street car making 7-800hp. Motor wise I am still indiscive about which to go with 4.8 5.3 6.0 as well as transmission. Your input would be greatly appreciated!
  6. JDs78

    It's paint time

    Almost ready for paint ended up changing the color at the last minute. Shaved the side markers and rear. Also got a chance to play around with some paint so I tested the new color on my 3 piece wing. Love it!!!!
  7. Please pm me if you have
  8. JDs78

    Want to buy coilovers

    Please pm me if you have some for sale
  9. JDs78

    It's paint time

  10. JDs78

    Wtb body parts

    Hello I currently have my car in for paint and I was looking for the following: IMSA 3 piece spoiler Aftermarket front air dam for 78 280z Your help is greatly appreciated thanks
  11. JDs78

    It's paint time

    Thanks for the help guys. We ended up narrowing it down to a Lexus color baroque red metallic. So I'm looking forward to getting her back in 3 weeks and will be posting her progress.
  12. JDs78

    It's paint time

    This is the color I'm looking for
  13. JDs78

    It's paint time

    Well like the title says its time for paint!!!! I was having some difficulty finding a paint code year make and model of the vehical closest to the picture below. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. JDs78

    Exhaust manifold

    Thanks PM'd about the n47
  15. JDs78

    Exhaust manifold

    Thanks for the reply I can get the part number for you!!