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  1. Hello im daniel im really missing my zx a year ago a lady hit me pushing it up a business driveway tore door to fender bent the A pillar to the point it wasnt repairable and she paid the witness so if someone has a z or zx laying around preferably a roller near mesa az that can donate it to a person going through z withdrawals it would be greatly appreciated
  2. Well im in process of getting a 240z and my neighbor has an 1987 chevy camaro with the 305 tpi and was seeing if i could get some insight one thing im trying to see is if the 305s stock exhaust would clear the steering column but any insight would be greatly appreciated
  3. Alright ill search some more and I guess I have the right FSM but its just confusing
  4. Only shows where the other guy posted the pic I've searched all over my car lol
  5. In a hose? Where and person who posted picture I looked there on mine and its not there that's where the FSM said it was
  6. My valves are clacking too but I adjusted em cold by the FSM but I'm not familiar with this engine is it somewhat normal to hear small clacking?
  7. I have a 1982 datsun 280zx non turbo I'm trying to find the idle screw it says its on top of the throttle chamber but it isn't where it shows in the FSM so anybody know where its at
  8. Hello I have a 1982 datsun 280zx I'm going to be buying a spare engine to stroke out does anyone know where I could find the kit and at what price and how well would it work with fuel injection
  9. And my sixth injector started to squirt a bit and its on tight new o rings
  10. Plus another question what would cause my exhaust manifold to glow red?
  11. Its in about 65 percent I turned the screw to the left idle picked up turned it to the right and it slowed down and seemed like my injectors were pulsating faster
  12. No smoke just the blow through when I first got it running 2 months back its clear as day unless its cold
  13. Starts at 650 than jumps to 1000 than I was playing with the idle screw got the idle down a bit and than my sixth injector started leaking
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