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  1. I have the JTR v8 radiator mount kit, they aren't making the anymore from what they told me, took 3 months for them to get them to me, then I sold the project, still got them. Had them professionally painted black. $90 + shipping
  2. Ya Rockauto said they had stock, until I ordered it. Every place I tried was doing the send it in and rebuild game. I didnt really wanna run the risk of it getting lost in shipping or damaged and then have nothing! The shipping tracking from ups shows it enroute and should be here tomorrow!
  3. so after looking for 2 days straight on every website and tip I could find on trying to purchase a replacement m/c for my 79 zx......... I called Summit Racing and low and behold I bought the last one they had in entire stock! I cannot believe how hard these are to get? and it was only $30!!!!! The guy who helped me said that they are almost exstinct! I would try with them if you cant find one, who knows, they might get some more!
  4. Are you sure those werent 40 series you had? Tire rack doesnt show a 45 to compare specs
  5. Cool, maybe ill look into 50 series. Btw, we are twins, mine is flat black also! lol
  6. I have a decent pair of 275/60/15 street tires and was wondering if they will fit my stock 79zx, I have 15x8 0 offset wheels. Dropping a v8 in it with a t5 and think it would hook better with that much tire and look mean! Lemme know guys, pics would be awesome
  7. Check your pm's, they were damaged
  8. Yes the heater, h/l switch, and turn signals are my concern, everything else should be straight forward. I did buy a factory Datsun shop manual off ebay, the wiring diagrams are awesome, should help. And I got it for $25 shipped
  9. Can I get a pic of the taillights?
  10. Its actually not gonna be an ls1 now, I got an awesome deal on a 355 sbc with a t5....... to be continued
  11. Anybody using a painless harness for their chevy v8 carbed swap? Is it worth it or should I just cut all the unused wires out of the factory harness? Which painless kit are u using? Not much zx info when I searched. The jtr book doesnt really help with a zx, any diagrams or write ups on this I am missing? Thanks
  12. I have a complete, new and unopened JTR v8 engine and trans mount conversion kit for a great price, does that help decision???? ZX with a v8 is the best zx in my opinion
  13. I got a complete set with the trans crossmember
  14. I have a complete brand new unopened JTR chevy v8 conversion kit. It consists of chevy v8 mount plates, chevy frame mounts, trans crossmember and all hardware. Fits 280zx for sure, not sure on the other models, do your research. I paid $260 3 months ago. $245 shipped to 48 states, this is a great deal! 586 873 8535
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