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  1. Car looks sick. Only thing which doesn't seem right is that the airdam appears to sag in the middle? I wish you all the best on making a full recovery.
  2. Thats really good. Might do something similar on mine, would be nice to be able to remove the engine without having to take the gearbox off first.
  3. Looks awesome and the stoptechs are really nice. Can't wait to see some videos of this thing.
  4. Thankfully my Restored full dry carbon bonnet seems like it will fit perfectly but I do have to say the quality does not match the high price of the item. I'd have gone for a Topstage compostites one instead but it was too hard to get them to send me any decent photos of the fitment.
  5. Media blasting is the best way to go in order to remove all rust. But only if the place doing it are experts that know the correct angles, distances and pressures to use and avoid anything other than the edges of the roof, doors and bonnet. It must also be epoxy primed asap after, same day or next day at latest. Regarding a question above about dustless blasting and rusting, there is a strong rust inhibitor added to the water used and also sprayed on after. I still do not trust it though so will not use it on mine.
  6. So, Lots and lots of badly repaired areas have been revealed by the dual media blasting process, not quite what I was expecting. Its all going to be repaired though and the car will be left mint. This is how she sits, parts are on their way and work should continue in January sometime.
  7. Mine is pretty much this. I''ll actually be redoing it, will be the same but the rear lines will end up mounted nearer the filter and the filter will be mounted higher up.
  8. Should be fine, N/A I am assuming? Mine has had no problem running 500hp and 490lbft and thats an older long nose too, the newer short nose I imagine would be stronger. Of course with really wide drag radials it might be different.
  9. Yeah, I completely missed out some posts on this thread somehow.. After reading them they all agree with what I was thinking.
  10. While I like the idea of reinforcing the front around the radiator panel area between the rails due to how much stiffer it could make the chassis I would be worried about problems that could arise from an unfortunate front end knock hence why I left mine stock and didn't stitch weld past the support. What are others opinions on this?
  11. 11 years, thats a long time, you definitely deserve to enjoy this epic Z you have built yourself. Some videos at some point would be great. Bad job on the wilwoods, my smaller setup works great but I did have an mind to upgrade to an AP Racing setup when I can.
  12. Well, progress is slow, but at least there is progress. There is both good and bad news. Bad news is that there is going to be more work and cost than planned due to us finding lots of badly done previous repairs all of which will need fixed and I expect some more will be revealed during blasting. Good news is at least it proved my approach of going fully bare metal has been justified and my view that most places do a crap job of metal work has been proved correct. Good that all issues will be found and addressed and my choice of using Resto shack to ensure the work is done as best as possible is a good one. Badly repaired rear panel Gone, right side bumper mount was bent, its now been sorted. Rotisserie mounts made: Scraping time Steam cleaned Unwanted brackets and holes in the bay welded up
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