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  1. Thats pretty sweet, backbox setup looks like it came off a Porsche or some mid engined exotic.
  2. End results look good though. They all are. I really want to run a v stack filter setup on mine but can't find anything with a small enough size (2.5" tube from each turbo) I am hoping to find somewhere that can make me something that could be used with a k&N filter and this would involve a lot of searching to find the right one.
  3. While removing the bend would be beneficial the filter would be too small and you would loose flow and some hp. Even if the filter was 10cm by 10cm which is probably bigger than what would fit there it would be rated to less than 100hp. If you could fit a velocity stack filter on in place of the one you have it could net some good benefits however.
  4. Check out Top Stage Composites, they do FRP and Dry carbon consoles and at least used to make dry carbon dashes.
  5. You can calculate the minimum size you need and go from there knowing anything bigger than that is better. https://www.knfilters.com/filter_facts.htm https://streetandcircuit.biz/engine-air-filter-size-calculator-find-correct-size-air-filter-small/
  6. Good luck getting it sorted so we can see more videos of this beast.
  7. I did some measuring yesterday for speccing new wheels and it look like I'll be able to run a 8.5x16 with a +14/15 offset, there would e no way I could run +20 and thats with skinny coil overs. With the plus 14 I only had 3mm spare, perhaps 4mm at a push. Good news for you if you only want an 8" then as an 8x16 with +20 offset would bring the wheel to the same place as my 8.5x16 ET14 and therefore its quite likely possible for you. Provided you have coilovers though.
  8. Would there be a performance benefit from changing it to a return style setup due to possibly cooler fuel?
  9. Well, it would, but its going to be super close to the shock at the rear if it clears at all and at the front you will be hitting the chassis on full lock.
  10. We do need more videos.
  11. Yes. I have just over 25mm clearance, enough to run a 8.5" but not sure if its enough to run a 9".
  12. That would definitely fit on my car as its only 10mm further in than my current setup and not as far in as my planned 8.5" 245 rear setup will be. Not sure on the front though, while I can run wider there it would mean less lock as my 225/45/16 8x16 +10 already hits on full lock.
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