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  1. Looks great, will be good to see a complete photo of it when its done.
  2. All the plans sound great. And we all know building a car isn't easy, problems were always likely to arise, giving you the chance to improve things like you are doing. Looking forward to seeing some videos when you finally get it running how you want.
  3. Must update here as the work on both sides is done, floors are starting now. I can help you there, I got them from here. They had them made for me and sent out within two weeks. https://www.alfaparts.net/dat280.html
  4. Long way to go still, but it sure will do one its done.
  5. Long way to go still, but it sure will do one its done.
  6. Its not too hard to make a kit up yourself using a motor from a corsa. That said for less hassle I'd rather buy one already complete.
  7. Nice looking car with a good setup. Welcome.
  8. EF Ian

    Custom axles

    I got mine from driveshaft shop, therefore they must have the lengths needed.
  9. Great stuff. Glad it seems a good system. I'm not sure I need it but want to have the option for it in the future.
  10. TTT also have very few photos of any of their parts fitted on a car. I don't doubt them as a company at all, but I like to see exactly what I am getting and how it fits so I can run things through in my head and decide if its for me. If they have more photos of actual installations I'd be more likely to buy stuff.
  11. The quarter panel repairs sections don't fit great, but they can be made to work and its still better than starting from scratch. Long way to go but its nice to see it started.
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