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  1. Okay, now lets see if i have this figured out properly now... Here is a diagram that i just made and I do apoligize about the clarity of the picture.i dont have a scanner,so I could only take a picture. The diagram is of a pinout from the ecu to what is nessecary to make the car run properly I hope.if you can't really see the licture too well,please refer to the wiring diagram for the ECCS that I posted as well. The blue highlighted areas are the pins that I believe I do not need(I have a non egr intake without an air regulator) The orange highlighted areas are the pins that i do need. I broke most of the orange ones down that I need to specifically hard wire in,some of it may be questionable because my harness was previously hacked up before. I do not have a fuel pump relay, and the efi relay wires were cut previous to me getting the harness. The other "+" coil wire is my original tach wire so that would go to the "+" coil side, correct? Now with everything accounted for, please review the diagrams andet me know if there is anything I listed that is wrong, or you are uncertain about. Also, I would like to put qll of my ground wires directly to the "-" post on the battery because I would like to try to avoid any bad grounding issues. Would that be acceptable and work properly?
  2. Thank you for the reply, I do have the CAS hooked up and i am gettin a very strong spark from the coil and the dizzy as well. I was not sure if both pins were supposed to have power to them. While I am cranking the engine none of the injectors are grounding out at all. I do have 1 na injector right now since I broke the cap on the turbo injector.I am not sure if that would have anything to do with my problem,I have tried it with that injectors unplugged with no luck still. I apologize about the grammar and punctuation, I don't have a computer and I am using my phone.
  3. I'm having problems with mine and I'm not sure it is is working as it should,so is rather have a working spare just in case.if anybody has one for a fair price,please let me know.thank you.
  4. UPDATE: I will try to fix the current injectors problem by completely rewiring the harness, please skip down to the 4th post for my diagram to let me know if I am going to wire this harness up correctly, Thank you.(: I just put an 82 turbo harness onto my motor and the ecu turns on,I have spark but the injectors arent firing.both pins have power to them at all injectors.I have read through the diagrams many times and I can't figure out which ground specifically the ecu uses to ground out the injectors.the only thing that I can think of is that I took that ground wire and gave it power somewhere where is shouldn't have it.I traced all my grounds and from what I can see they are grounded out well and I made sure thqt the - terminal is grpunded to the chassis as well...everything else that the ecu controls seems to be working well, I just can't figure out these injectors.it looks like the guy I just bought the harness from tried replacing all of the injectors plugs and wires at one point, so I'm not sure if he crossed a wire somewhere, I didn't tear that part of the harness apart yet just becaused they looked fairly new and i didnt want to mess it up. For now I just want to know if anybody knows specifically which ground does the ecu use to ground the injectors,then I will Chase that wire and hopefully find my problem.otherwise,I'm rewiring my injectors. Thanks in advance guys
  5. Also,I may have the trim peices. I'm not 100% sure.ill take a look for you
  6. I have the 3 way connector for the coolant lines.pm me w/ price and ill ship it tommorrow if interested
  7. Would I be able to get a couple pics of it?I am very interested, thank you
  8. Also,I just bought a turbo harness from here,so hopefully all my troubles will go away when I hook that up.I just have to wait on shipping.and for there not to be snow on the ground.
  9. Yeah,at.fist I didnt have the efi.and to relays.I had to go back to get them. And I don't have a boost controller yet,so I just plan to run wastegate pressure for now...does that make sense?I was told that the boost pressure shouldn't be too high while just using the wastegate.so if that is true,I can temp use the j-pipe for now for less chance of leaks
  10. All i need left for my swap is a working turbo and I should be set.it doesn't matter of it jas a little shaft play as long as it works.please pm me if you have one for sae.thank yku
  11. Haha.well I asked my inspection guy if I have a newer motor in it that does require emmisions,if it would need it and he said no.they only go by the date of the car.i still need an emissions exempt sticker though....and when I do get it plummed back up,dont laugh at my ic piping...its temporarily pvc piping due to a lack of money.but regarding that,there is no air leaks,they are sealed very well.also,I am not sure if my problem would lie somewhere in the wiring harness...it may.i will explain how my ecu is hooked up,and you might have a better idea of what it may be.but before I describe how it is hooked up, just know that it runs and idles very well(after I tweaked the afm a bit) ...let me rephrase that...it starts when it wants to.there is no pattern at all.but when it does start,it runs and drives great... ..so here goes... First ill name all of the parts that are attached to the wiring harness.see if maybe im missing anything huge. Starting at the ecu I have the fuel pump relay, the efi relay, the head temp sensor, the tps sensor, the afm, all injectors.and I believe that is all that is connected off the harness.other than the fuel pump itself. I do not have a coolant temp switch/sensor.just the head temp switch. I believe the harness/ecu is grounded very well in 3 or 4 spots,with one going directly to the battery. For power to the ecu,I have the ignition and my electric fan powered to a toggle switch(just because I havent dug into my fuse box yet to get a good ign lead...the switch is only temporary). The power to the battery is straight to the battery.but there is the confusion that I dont understand.when I flip the toggle switch,the ecu does not come on...for the ecu to turn on I put power to each pin until the ecu finally kicked on.when it turned on the fuel pump primed for 5 sec like it should and the relays clicked...now the pin that I had to put directly to the battery was for one of the afm wires.so basically there is always power going to the afm for no reason.i still left that wire hooked up to the afm,but its also spliced off to the + of the battery...I apoligize in advance if that was jjmbled and confusing,but hopefully you can get the jist of it.my biggest problem with the efi swap was getting the ecu to turn on.i went over every diagram imaginable to no avail...just had to test every pin until it turned on.im sure that has a big part in the turbo problem...
  12. I did plug up the pcv valve,but I did not do anything to the dizzy
  13. I did not lock the mechanical advance,if I do that am I still able to use it on the na or strictly just for the turbo?...and a vaccum leak would cause that much of a problem?
  14. Okay,so my car is frankensteined very much.it has a f54 block,p90a head,83 na dizzy,83 na ecu/wiring,83 turbo injectors,75 intake manifold. I made sure it ran good before I went and put the turbo stuff on it since I was running that block and head with my su's for awhile.after alot of messing around I finally got it to run right and idle smooth around 800rmps. So after it was running right,I put all of my turbo stuff on it which includes: turbo exhaust manifold,turbo,and intercooler.and of course the piping as well.i ran it through the 83 na afm since the turbo afm doesnt go with that harness. After I got everything set up, I went to fire it up and the rpms kept climbing very fast.i had to shut it off asap... What would cause that problem when it was running fine without the turbo,I bolted the turbo on and the idle climed very very fast and wouldnt stop...and there is no throttle problems.i put all of the na stuff back on temporarily and it runs fine again... Any help is greatly appreciated.thank you
  15. Looking for stock t3 turbo, turbo wiring harness,turbo dizzy+int.shaft,oil feed line(original or braided, intercooler w/piping.please pm me with prices and shipping to 15675.thank you
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