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  1. Yes old links are broken, but you can find all my old images in my picture gallery. http://260z.net I´m using custom made dual plenum intake manifold.
  2. Last billet adapter part for brakes is ready, and everything looks good!
  3. Brake upgrade continues. New Tilton master cylinders and Ferodo DS1.11 pads. Billet front disc bell´s by Kenax Billet with AP-racing bolts. High-class service! Company doesn´t have website at the moment but you can find from instagram @kenaxbillet Test fitting front caliper. Now it needs new bracket and setup is ready. Also need to change from caliper bleed screws up and hard pipe down.
  4. Brake upgrade coming with high quality parts. New AP Racing 6-pot and 4pot calipers. Both calipers designed for ~330mm discs. Front disc 335x32mm Compbrake Rear disc 322x22mm EBC Turbo Groove (350Z Rear Brembo) Ferodo Ds1.11 Pads all corners New billet adapters and disc bells. Design by Kenax Billet (my friends company) New Tilton master cylinders for Tilton pedalbox. Bore size calculated by Tilton. Billet front hubs
  5. Yesterday I got new transmission. PGS Transmissions R154 with dog engagement gearset.
  6. Those have worked nice, but I could upgrade to billet hubs and loose some weight.
  7. Looking for 5 Lug Billet front hubs for S30.
  8. First trackday with new parts: I started with (rising) low boost-settings and didn´t have any problem with traction. Problems came when I tried braking from high speed. I will need much bigger brakes with better brake pads (Probably Alcon calipers / Ferodo pads / 330mm disc all corners). Handling was pretty good, but I´m going to try those new swaybars and stiffer springs. Short video, I beated my previous 350Z lap record with awful driving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrOTaCwxHlE
  9. I was too busy (or lazy) in winter but finally installed most of new parts. Engine is now running with Haltech Elite, and runs smooth with new BMW E92 M3 Coils. I changed boost controller from (3-way) to 4-way Mac-valve. All billet suspension parts are in place. I started to create blade-style swaybars, but didn´t finish those, so continued this summer with stock ones. First setup was -2.5 camber in front and -1.3 in rear.
  10. Yes I didn´t use those emblems, but I think those were not so expensive.. Bought some new parts for Z: New trackday wheels 18x10 ET0 More fuel pumps, BMW E92 M3 coils, fuel cooler.. Arizona Z Car billet suspension parts Haltech Elite 2500 ECU
  11. Its far away from finalised setup. I was driving with regular street setup. I have lot of work to do when winter comes. Before that... just enjoying and driving
  12. Some videos from first trackday test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5Y8D2NjVNA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCwyXTiN4Js
  13. Went to another dyno with different tyres. Now got much better grip but that dyno didn´t give enought boost while running 4-gear. With 2.3bar boost maximum power numbers were 1036 PS / 1190Nm. Fifth gear gave +2.5bar boost like it should, but couldn´t rev it high becouse too high speed for dyno. Now I also tested how much power 3" exhaust can flow in my car. Numbers 832.9 PS / 936.7 Nm. Same boost settings as in 1029 PS run. Video: 3" vs 4.5" exhaust: Fifth gear (lower RPM limit)
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