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  1. Thanks guys for all the input. I've decided for now to move forward painting it myself. As much as I want this car on the road its still about 15 hours away from going to a shop for paint, and at my current pace of less than half day a week to work on it...it'll still be awhile.
  2. I'm faced with a dilemma. I have a 72 240z that I'm in the process of painting. I've done about 90% if the prep myself, spending an hour here and an hour there over the last 8 months getting it to this point. but also juggling my Job, my house, my 7 month old baby boy, and all the other things that are involved in adult life, I can't decide which way I should go with this project. I've never painted anything of this nature. I have a garage that I could paint in, but it is rather small. I have most of the tools to paint already, and even some PPG primer to start with. I know this car isn't going to be a show car. It has the usual z car rust spots, the worst of which I've patched, but it does have a couple spots on the body by the doors that I just don't have a desire to fix properly right now. Other than that the body has straight lines and is in very good condition. I'm a very DIY kinda guy, I love home projects, but its been almost a year since I drove my Z, and I want to get it on the road badly! With that being said, my other option is to take it to Maaco, and have them spray the car. I've already talked to the owner and for 600 he'd paint it with their 3rd tier paint 'single stage poly' but since the car is in peices he said its acutally more labor to paint that way cause it takes up more space and they have to paint items (fenders, hood, lights buckets etc) individually. I know 600 isn't much for a paint job, and I don't expect it to be that much better than what I could do, but they do spray cars every day and I'm sure they have the techniques down, and so the quality of their job would be in the quality of my prep work. This is obviously a much quicker way of getting the car done, but at the expense of several hundred dollars compared to painting it myself were all I'd need is paint. Sorry guys just using this as a sounding board to sway me in one direction. maybe some of you have had similar paths and would like to share some advice. any thing is appreciated! Thanks oh and here's a picture of my garage with the project in question
  3. just my luck...after I finally find one, then a new one comes out!
  4. my 72 project has a badly rusted rear deck plate (very typical problem, as its already been mentioned) I've been looking for a while, and never found anyone that sells them new. Ended up finding a guy in San Jose, Rod's Datsuns, and he had cut one out a while ago since he knows its a very problematic area. cost me 120 for that plate, but its well worth it since I have no metal fabrication skills to make my own, and now finally I can finish it to send to the paint shop. If any company had this part aftermarket they would have gotten my business a long time ago The days of finding endless z cars in junk yards are nearing an end. Its good to know Tabco is interested in expanding their options for z cars
  5. Here's my work in progress, decided to get wheels for it in hopes of gaining my interest to finally paint it, going to match the car color with the wheels ADR 79 Battle Exe wheels 17x7 Gun Metal 225-45R17 Bridgestone RE070
  6. GI Jonas....any experience painting with flat colors? My paint booth (one car garage) limits the amount of space i have. I'm planning on painting in sections. Hood, Rear hatch, fenders, and light buckets will be painted off the car. then cleared out of the garage, with the car rolled in for the Roof, rear quarters and doors. any color match issues with this method? also, due flat colors need to be wet sanded? Thanks again
  7. I'm leaning towards painting my '72 240z Flat black. I'm going to spraying it. I've seen thread on here and other sites about mixing it and ratios. I've read that people are mixing it with 100% mineral spirits. My question is that last weekend I was at the hardware store and looked at the Rustoleum and as I was reading the back of the can, its says for spraying mix with Acetone. Is acetone not the preferred method for spraying? is mineral spirits better for Rolling? does it matter? Any insight is greatly appreciated
  8. I've already done that, and it did work, its just not reading accurately, at idle (900rpm) my tach is reading about 200rpm. before i added the MSD, the tach worked perfectly. the car runs extremely well with the MSD/blaster 2/pertronix set-up, but would like the use of my tach. I apologize if I'm not understanding you properly, I'm just looking for other options as to why the tach would not read accurately.
  9. ummm, so? do I take both wires from the tach (green/white and black/white) and connect them to the tach output on the MSD?
  10. This set up atleast got something to register in my tach using the tach adapter and wiring as stated, but at idle my tach says its doing 150-200rpm. any ideas?
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