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  1. Thanks for the advice, is Mori san's email on the Kameari JP site? I noticed the US site is no longer up. I had the car at the shop for a series of items, the distributor being one so I'm not sure if the spindle gear was properly installed. That will be one of the first things I check.
  2. Good call, I'm at 28 at idle. The distributor does not have a vacuum hose. As far as I can tell, the Kameari unit automatically switches to somewhere between 35-38 above 4000 RPMs. This is according to the little printed information I can find (and in Japanese.) Edit: link to PDF from Kameari site. http://www.kameariengineworks.co.jp/L6-racingdyisubihaisen-2.pdf
  3. Hello, I'm looking to learn a little more about the Kameari distributor as I've recently installed one on my L24. I'm running Mikunis (40s) with headers and exhaust but stock cam and internals. I understand that the distributor adjusts itself, but I'm having trouble figuring out how base timing is set and what the best value would be. Right now I can't get it past 28, that appears to be fully advanced, and when driving the car it feels sluggish and spits/sputters a lot below 3k. Once it's over that range, it moves pretty well. Is this just the behavior of this unit and it's workin
  4. I'm in need of an OEM coil bracket for my '73 240z. Somehow managed to lose mine and I'm in the process of switching out my ignition setup. Let me know if you have one. Thanks.
  5. Took a while, but I got the pump after finally tracking down one of those brackets. Thanks for the help Inline6, I test fired the car tonight (exhaust isn't on yet) and the pump is working. Thanks for all the help.
  6. I'm in (urgent) need of the fuel pump bracket found near the tank in the rear of the car, pictured below: Edit: Actually, I'm looking for one from a '73, though the 260/280 ones may work as well
  7. I have looked around for info on this but haven't turned anything up yet. Apologies if it was right in front of my face. I'm trying to install a NISMO fuel pump (push style) near the fuel tank on my '73 240z. It is my understanding that the car is wired to run the fuel pump, but I'm wondering if there is any guide to exact mounting / wiring. This is the fuel pump I'm referring to: Thanks for any info you can provide.
  8. True, although the chain links are off by one link when I can get it to mount. I'll give it another go and turn the cam, it must not be at TDC.
  9. I did try the lever trick, perhaps not as forceful as needed because I didn't have any luck. At this point the only thing I can think (based on what has been said earlier) is the chain doesn't have enough slack because I can't get the gear quite high enough to mount. All I can do is kee trying, but this seems tougher than it should be.
  10. Ok, I will do exactly that. So as long as I mount the chain to the sprocket, the tensioner will be kept in check? One additional question, since I will not be using my mechanical fuel pump any longer, can I remove the circle piece that the bolt for the cam gear goes through?
  11. That's what I was guessing, I was partially wondering if the trouble getting the gear to mount was due to the chain being too restricted by the block. I'll try again later, but will be super careful to not let the tensioner drop.
  12. I spent some time on the motor tonight, based on the tip about the correct placement of the timing mark and the oblong groove I shifted the cam slightly a few times to try and line things up better. I'm not sure if I made progress or not, here are some photos of where things sit. My only concern is that the marks on the timing chain I made originally no longer line up, they are one link off from where they were. The cam sprocket is on position 1, but when I try to install the gear with the chain links as they were, I cannot get the gear to mount. Move them over just one link, and it mounts up.
  13. I did mark the chain before I removed it, and it is also wedged. What I didn't realize is that the timing mark on the cam shouldn't line up exactly with the triangle on the cam gear, I thought those two needed to be right on top of each other. Good point NewZed about my wording, I should have elaborated. The cam gear would not stay in place but this was just because the sprocket hole wasn't lining up to the dowel, as you mentioned. Late last night I made another attempt, but now that I know about the timing marks I will be revisiting it today after work. I'll post some pictures aga
  14. I have read and read and read about this topic, and there's a lot of great information available. Despite that, I'm having trouble making sure that my particular situation makes sense and is correct. I am replacing my head gasket, yesterday I reinstalled the head but ran into trouble once I went to install the cam gear. The block was at TDC, with pistons 1 and 6 at their top position. The head was at TDC, based on the front two lobes being set to the "bunny ears" position. I am having a hard time installing the cam gear, the timing marks do line up, but every time I connect the chain it
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