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  1. These are no longer available, anyone hoarding a set they'd be willing to sell? I'm restoring a 240Z I think they're the same up to 76. Thanks, Arden
  2. Does anyone have a used one for sale? Thanks
  3. Derek Is there a package price for all three parts? What kind of turn around time do you need? I sent a PM but never heard back thought this may be easier. Thanks, Jamie
  4. It does not have to be a turbo. Nice paint would be nice.
  5. Looking for a nice car, no projects worth between 6-7k I have a harley softail FXSTC it has an evo motor and an upgraded six speed. It eats starters and may need relief valves in the heads which I am going to have done. It does need some tlc and is rough around the edges. I was going to replace the handlebars and pipes with something more my taste. Clean title in hand 15k miles. Locted in Indiana but can travel for the right deal. Thanks
  6. I'm looking for a l28 for a turbo project. Looking for a solid bottom end in indiana or close enough to pick up. The cheaper the better. Thanks
  7. I have a 76 280z and I want to remove the a/c system. Was a/c standard on these cars? If it was optional I will be able to find a heater panel that doesn't include a/c. Thanks guys.
  8. Yes, Thats the guy. He got cold feet about shipping it ( I don't blame him). I thought my brother could handle making a box and shipping it, but he's not mechanical in the least bit. I think you're right about greyhound being able to do it the cheapest. MSA sells the whole kit with sideskirts and they can ship it for 100. I figured it would cost around there. If you can help me out that would be great, Let me know, Jamie
  9. I bought a stage two body kit from a guy off craigslist that wouldn't ship it. My younger brother lives in Portland and he's hanging on to it for me. He does not have the ability to ship these to me in Indiana. Is there someone in Portland that would be able to box up and ship 2 bumpers and rear wing to me? I have parts to barter with as well as money. Hope someone can help me. Thanks, Jamie
  10. Thanks for the info guys. I thought starion but when I looked at pics online I didn't look at the 88/89. Thanks again for the info guys. Jamie
  11. I've seen them before but I can't place it. They came with a 240z I just bought but the owner didn't know what they were out of either? Any idea's? Thanks
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