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  1. Yeah my wife is always making cracks about my car. She calls it "Pristine", I told her to refer to her as "Her Zness" thank you. Its funny how she does her then she asks me if she and her girl friend can take her out for a drive. I sense jealousy.
  2. Alot of time the forks get twisted in the clamps after a digger. Try loosening the tripple clamps and relieve the tension and tighten them back up.You will have to jack the bike up off the ground to do this. Make sure both fork legs are the same height above the top tripple clamp when you tighten them back up. If it is actually bent then look for bike salvage parts in adds in the back of streetbike magazines and call around. Bummer it happened...the same thing happened to me years ago at night when turning and hitting rocks in the road. I ended up high siding and totaled the bike.
  3. You could run a line to one of the intake manifold ports to your wastegate if you want too instead,or tape a line into the compressor.
  4. Man,I love the pictures of your car. I finally got my car running right again. I was at my whits end with it. It was busting up at 5000 and I replaced everything.Datalogged and sent info to Haltech and they didnt know. I started throwing parts at it and the MAP sensor fixed it. Time to turn the boost up and run it at the track in about a week or so. We will get the cars together some time for a twin sibling reunion.
  5. Be very careful who you purchase the pump from.There are Chinese knockoffs everywhere! I got one on Ebay new and was told it was a Bosch. Well it wasnt and I contacted the seller and said I would give good feedback if allowed to return it. Had no problems returning,just lost time in the process. BEWARE!
  6. Your car looks sweet Austin. I would love to come up there sometime and take a ride in it.Hows the rear differential working out?
  7. I need one for my 76 turbo 280 if anyone has one for sale.Thanks
  8. What do you guys recommend for gear oil for the CLSD? I've used the Royal Purple before and it says it has the limited slip additive in there, so was wondering if that is enough, or what "cocktail" you all use Mayolives recommended Synergyn gear oil to me. I have had good results from this . I use it in my trans and diff. Noticed the trans shifted a whole lot better. A benefit is you dont have to use any friction modifier.
  9. I got some bulbs from autozone that have LEDs in them. There are about 9 or 10 per bulb. They make one way and two way bulbs,pretty pricy,about $17 for two but worth it. They are much brighter!
  10. Hey looking at that front flare. From the picture i think it goes on the passengers side.
  11. Austin, Great work. Its good to see your Z getting close to completion. The exhaust sounds killer in the video. I hope to have my new engine built and up and running by january. I will have to drive up then and meet up with ya. You got made skills man. Later.
  12. Fuel is scarce. You can still find it though. I actually live in greenville
  13. Awesome job Tom. I would have loved to have been there to watch your car.
  14. Well i rebuilt my lsd. Its alot quieter,but still whines at 50mph while dipping in and out of the throttle.I now know i need a new ring and pinion. It has a 12mm ring gear.Does anyone have a good R&P for sale 3.5 or 3.7? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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