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  1. I have had the car for some time now, but its becoming more problematic as time goes on. It has 133k miles on it, and its unusual. I will check the plugs, and look into the other options you listed above and see how it goes! I will be more descriptive on my next post title
  2. The car is a 1987 300zx auto non turbo. I have a few problems that need fixing quick. The car is idling very rough (was told it was the tps?) Also. I was following my brother driving it down the road and looked like the cat killed itself and some little pieces out of the exhaust came out on fire. I told him to pull over, and the exhaust was RED HOT all the way out to the muffler. The exhaust is stock! I really don't want to have to buy another car because I love my Z car. I think its over fueling or under fueling? Any push in the right direction would help greatly! Thank you Hybrid Z!
  3. I have spent about $14,000 so far and the engine isn't even in. Its a D1SC Procharged Ls1 from a 2004 GTO.
  4. I will once I get my set made for sure. They should be made in about 3 weeks
  5. Hey everyone, I know there has been some sparked interest in getting long tubes made for our Ls1 powered Z cars. I am going to be getting a set made from a fabricator I know who lives in Phoenix, Az in about 3 weeks. I am going to put my engine in and trailer it up there for the first set to be made. Here is some of the work he has done on Turbocharged/Na Honda's and a very cool Turbo Ls1 powered foxbody. I wont have pics of my set until they are made, but the quality is excellent. I'm pretty sure there will be just stainless steel and then a ceramic coated version. If there is enough interest, let say over 10 people he will start making sets for us, and pricing will follow after the first set is made for sure. Heres some of the pics of his work. Turbo Foxbody with the ls1 Massive Borg Warner turbo Opinions are welcome, I cant wait to get my set fabbed up
  6. will the headers in post one fit with an Ls1 in a 240z?
  7. Its an LS2. Right next to the throttle body is the "module" if you will, that controls the Throttle by Wire. I know its upside down in the first picture, but if you look next to the throttle body it says "LS2"
  8. The 260hp and 260 ft. lbs turbocharged engine in the Turbocharged Saturn Sky and the Solstive GXP (LNF) are pretty strong ecotecs. If I am not mistaken they both feature direct injection as well. They are making really good numbers with the synapse turbo swaps, (also look at Hahn racecraft, bill hahn is very very knowledgeable) as long as you have a good tune you would be fine.
  9. Very nice. I have that same cart you have your I6 on! Only mine has a Honda engine on it right now =[
  10. Im 19, and I pay... $112 a YEAR. Hagerty ftw! I cant drive it a ton though, I think 6,000 miles a year? The agreed value is like 8k to 10k? I dont remember
  11. Thats a good writeup on the nico club
  12. Damn, I should have taken the pedal assembly off my GTO before it got taken to the graveyard!
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