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  1. Still looking. First choice would be a white or orange exterior with black interior
  2. saw that one and passed. Wasn't really what I was looking for. The most annoying thing right now is that I keep seeing nice ones at work, but none are for sale :/
  3. Fairly straightforward. I'm looking for a pre-smog car with a good/great interior and exterior. The engine, however, doesn't matter to me as it's going to get swapped, so as long as it gets around, I'm interested. Colors I'm not especially interested in: brown, dark green. If you've got an ad up on HBZ, link me. Otherwise feel free to email photos/info to panzerace@gmail.com.
  4. Insurance totaled it out. Getting ~12k after buying the car back. If anyone has a pre-75 Z with a good interior and exterior for sale, let me know.
  5. Glue/insulation from a hood blanket the PO installed. It had to go considering I was driving this baby regularly in 110+ degree weather That's the plan. Find car with a real nice exterior and interior but a crap or busted engine and swap the L30 into that. Biggest advantage for me is that I'm in California, so it won't be excessively hard to find a new car that's clean. Hell, the flaking paint revealed that the metal was basically in as it left the factory condition.
  6. I've actually got a rolling shell '78 in a storage unit. The only reason I haven't committed to swapping the engine into that is that I need to figure out a way to make a rebello 3.0 smog legal...
  7. Just found out that as my mechanic was bringing my 240 back from an exhaust shop to re-tune and dyno it (after I had gotten a fresh Rebello built engine) that a lady ran a red light and totaled the Z. No people were injured, and we've got a police report on the incident, and her insurance is covering everything, but...damn I know I haven't posted in forever on this forum, but I figured you guys might want to know that there's now one less Z on the road
  8. It probably says something about the state of the auto industry when it's hard to find a decent shop for performance work. There's....three, total, that I know of in CA, one of them is down south, one doesn't answer their email or phone, and the third is rebello....
  9. It is when I've got as many other things as I do to spend money on. Really though it should just be encouragement to get a pay raise at work
  10. The problem with that is I'd better than double my initial budget on more go fast goodies. I'd go in for a EFI install, and come out with a 3.2, a new cam, even more headwork, new exhaust, AND the EFI
  11. I don't live in SJ (live in cupertino), but I work in San Jose, and that's where most people know in the area
  12. *dusts off the account, coughs a bit from all the dust that's built up* So after losing my job, moving, being unemployed for a few months, and now having a job again, I finally have some money to spend on my Z. The problem is that while I have the money now to do stuff, I don't have my tools (no room for anything more than a wrench/ratchet set where I live now), nor do I have any time to work on the car myself. So, I'm looking for a good performance shop in the San Jose area that can do carb -> EFI swaps, engine swaps, etc. I'm aware of the Z Car garage, but last I checked they were fairly backed up with work, so I'm looking for other options as well. (Bonus points for a shop that really knows how to tune mikunis for the time being...) Thanks in advance guys.
  13. How much are you offering? Are you looking for just the carbs, or the complete manifold/carb/throttle setup?
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