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  1. I work in Marketing as a Web Developer/Designer/Programmer for a small company here in south Florida. We like to call ourselves the Travelocity of Broadband Internet connections. We find the best deal we can for consumers and business users. A couple of our sites: http://www.comcastspecial.com http://www.timewarnerspecial.com http://www.dslspecialoffer.com http://www.satelliteinternetspecial.com http://www.broadbandnational.com (soon to be redesigned)
  2. I'd really like to see the car go as a whole. This will probably be it for a while. I just turned 24, want to buy a house, etc. etc. So the Z hobby is put on hold.
  3. I'd like to get 6K out of it. Would be thrilled to get more. Wouldn't be surprised to get less. All the work (motor-wise) was just done. That turbo and most of the mods done to the engine are new (as in...I've driven it maybe a week with that stuff on it). I might get more if I parted it out, but I don't have the time/energy to mess with it and would like to see it gone whole.
  4. Oh...and list of mods: Exterior: Aero Kit I (Motorsport Auto) New Paint and Body (white w/ red stripes) 15" x 7" Centerline Two Piece Billet Wheels BF Goody tires: 225/60 - R16 (G-rated) Interior: Autometer Boost Gauge MSA 280ZX embriodered floor mats MSA Formula Steering Wheel (black) JVC Flip screen CD player w/ remote 2 6" Infinti Speakers Mostly redone red leather interior Performance: Moog Performance Springs Tokico Illumina Shocks & Struts MSA Urethane Bushings MSA Slotted Brake Rotors Engine: SR20DET motor Greddy Intake Manifold HKS SSQV BoV Greddy Front Mount Intercooler Greddy Profec B-Spec 2 Boost Controller Greddy Hot Pipe Wallbro 255 Fuel Pump Custom Downpipe Custom Exhaust (3" to 4" tip) Greddy Oil Catch Can Custom Intake New Electric Fan Mazworx Custom Aluminum Oil Pan GT2871R .64 A/R internally gated, T2 flange (HKS Wastegate Actuator) Nismo 740cc injectors Z32 MAF S-AFC II Has 240K on the body, around 50K on the SR (guestimation). Only rust spots of note are on the lip of the hood and the spare tire well. Been 6 years since it was painted, but it still shines.
  5. Well, after getting a new oil pan, new turbo, injectors, ECU tune, etc...my SR still has a prob. Apparently this engine was oil starved badly enough to where I have some internal damage. Rod knock just became noticable after my upgrades. I don't have the time/money to dump into the car anymore and I'm trying to buy a house. So I think this is it. How much do you all think I can get for it in it's current condition?
  6. ...to be a Bears fan. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270082990184&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:US:2#ebayphotohosting
  7. I'll definitely be in attendance. I live just an hour and a half south of Daytona.
  8. Yeah...I should probably play a little less. My Z would like some more attention I'm sure. Got a 60 druid, 60 mage, and a 45 shaman.
  9. That would seem to be the case. Could it have to do with the differences between the Z's and the ZX's?
  10. Yes it is right now. It's getting a custom aluminium oil pan made.
  11. Yeah, me and James talked yesterday. I'll be purchasing from him. Thanks for the responses.
  12. Time to upgrade. This is the turbo I want. GT2871R .64 A/R internally gated. It'll fit my current manifold, I have a Z32 MAF + adapter already, ordering my 740cc injectors in a few days (http://www.deatschwerks.com/nissan41.htm), and a local guy is going to do the ROM tune for me. My question is...who is a reputable turbo dealer? I've found prices online varying from 1000 to 1600. My buddy Coz and a friend at Import Parts Pro both quoted around 1250. Is that the magic number? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  13. Valve stem seals I can deal with. New turbo...okay maybe. But if it's a head gasket...I'm going to blow one (pun intended). I'm no mechanic, what's the best way to figure out which is the culprit?
  14. When I turn on my SR20 turbo motor in the morning, I get some white smoke out the exhaust. I account that to the dew/humidity (yay Florida) and the fact that the car needs to warm up. While going through the normal RPM range, no white smoke is to be seen. However, if I idle for more than 30 seconds, it seems that I start to get a constant (but not large amount) stream of white smoke until I start going through the RPM range again. I've checked my oil (white smoke though, so I doubt that's the problem), coolant/water levels and everything seems to be fine. Only other smoke I get is at WOT, where I get a bit of black smoke (but I account that to running a little rich and burning some fuel). I've heard a few things from blown head gasket to dying turbo. Car seems to run just fine though at the moment. Can't see any oil or anything in my water or vice versa. I'll be buying a compression tester this weekend to test that out. It was also suggested that I take it out on the highway for 15 mins...come back and let it idle and see if it produces the same results. Any other thoughts/suggestions?
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