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  1. This is the first car I have add the ability to do the work myself, so I will be learning on this car. But I do want to see it restored. I do not have the knowledge to do most of the things myself.
  2. Thanks. This is my second car my Acura legend was a lemon and was totaled. He added te bushings and spark plugs not too long ago about a 6-7 months ago. Before that it was sitting for awhile but he would always mess with is on the weekend. It starts right up. The transmission slips but we think its just the fluid. The brakes are ok he did mention it needed a new master cylinder. Is there anywhere I can find a good shops where I can buy after market parts? Or is are there things I should definitely change regardless of fluids. The rust is minuscule. A tiny bit on the passenger door panel. And s
  3. Mario6280


    How much for driver seat
  4. I just got this car. It was sitting for awhile but starts right up. It needs work but don't know where to start is there anyone in the san Francisco area that has advice. He did tell me he has added a new radiator and new spark plugs, bushings, etc... Help???
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