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  1. Hey guys, once again my Z has chewed through yet another AFM. I know I really should Megasquirt the car, but my finances are going towards another project so for the time being I am seeking out a replacement 280zxt AFM. Please let me know what you have for my Z is unhappily sitting in the garage. I can do paypal. Thanks in advance, Adam.
  2. Both battery terminals are clean and tight. Ignition and all of that is stock. Literally nothing has changed in my setup from last fall until now, but it is no longer working correctly.
  3. Just a little update. The fuel pump, fuel filter, and tps have been checked and are fine.
  4. Hey guys, so go figure after saying that my car is reliable, I am now leaning out under load. All I did the other day was take my battery out so I could put it in someone else' car and now it runs pretty poorly. At idle and light throttle the car runs just as it always has, slightly rich. When under load it leans out and goes off the gauge completely. I am running an l28et with the stock electronics, intercooler/bov, 60mm tb, stock fpr, pallnet fuel rail, aftermarket fuel pump... I am trying to diagnose is completely before I begin buying new parts because I am currently without a job and have no cash, literally. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance. If I have left anything out that you might need info on to diagnose please feel free to ask.
  5. Hey guys, I'm working on finishing up my KA-T build and I am running into the infamous master cylinder clearance issue. I already had to cut and re-work a t3/t4 flange to have the T04E sit more upright and angled more towards the passenger side, but now I would like to relocate the brake resevoir to further reduce the risk of heat failure. Has anyone ever heard of relocating a resevoir or have done it themselves? I have a good idea on how to approach it, but I would like to just check here first. Feel free to chime in with any thoughts or opinions.
  6. Wow man, sorry to hear about that...but being a kid my age, I would love that. I wish we got that much snow up here. Thursday and a lot of Friday was all rain.
  7. Clive, are you looking for a sleeper'esk color, or something pretty sweet? I am thinkin of a pearl...
  8. Zmanco-thanks for the link. I was pretty sure I had a 1/2" NPT fitting and that link helped verify it. MONGO510- Yes, NPT is tapered, just as my fitting is.
  9. Hey guys, I'm working on finishing up my KA-T build and I need help identifying an NPT fitting that I have so I can get an adapter. I am wondering how I can measure the fitting to tell what size it is. This is a male fitting by the way. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yea he sold the blue one unfortunately. And I was referring to the old white turbo car.
  11. The blue one, or his old turbo car?
  12. What sort of stuff would you be selling? I would be totally interested in those...cough cough...bumpers....
  13. Clive...you better go big or go home with the turbo...67mm anyone?
  14. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to machine one out of aluminum, but I wonder what that would do to vibrations in the wheel...
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