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  1. Someone not on this site wants to contact you, send me a pm how they can contact you. Thanks
  2. Great to see another ChampCar Series Datsun being built.
  3. RIP John - thanks for the many convos and info shared. You will be missed. A stand up guy for sure!
  4. Nice another local Z guy. I am working on Montvale, NJ.
  5. pm me your info and if you are on Facebook there is a Z group local here in lower NYC area.
  6. Driving vid before the snow flies? We have been lucky so far with the warm weather. Nice job Mike.
  7. Same here - Al sent you a message on FB to make sure it was ok.
  8. Can you look at it in person? Check for stress cracks inside and out.
  9. You already know I am in for 2.
  10. Find me a FLZ or clean 510, lol. Safe travels to you and the wife.
  11. Hoover are you on Facebook? We have a few club member on the island. Hope to see you and that ls1 240z soon.
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