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  1. ovenfood

    VQ35DE 73 240 Build

    Yeah I will probably shoot them an email before committing to it.
  2. ovenfood

    VQ35DE 73 240 Build

    Hey tank, I've been doing a bit of a man look so I'm sure I'm looking in the wrong places but have you seen much info on VQ swaps with auto Transmissions? My current understanding is I need to buy a whole 350Z and keep the whole loom intact including the cluster but this was more of a suggestion than a 100% knowledge that I have to keep everything.
  3. ovenfood

    body swaping best parts to leave / swap

    That's a pretty funny story I'll be using my S2 bonnet as well so its an S2 hard top...
  4. ovenfood

    body swaping best parts to leave / swap

    can you explain what you mean there?
  5. ovenfood

    body swaping best parts to leave / swap

    yer I'm pretty keen on it
  6. ovenfood

    body swaping best parts to leave / swap

    Yer I agree that does sound better I don't think I'll bother with CB's as the guy swapping the ZX with me is a good friend and scraps cars so getting new fuse's and relays is easy for me I do like wiring stuff but I can see the custom wire loom is going to take a lot of time I'll just have to make a list and try not to get lost Pic's are a definite I'm a photo ***** and the car gets dropped off Saturday if all goes well. Also on a side note the apprentice painter at work told me about a new paint that they are using now I believe it's called "water bom" paint and it's water based. He told me for a home job this stuff is perfect as it dry's so quick and is easy to fix dry spots. Apparently it's a satin finish so you still have to use a 2 pack clear if you want a gloss look but it does sound like some good stuff.
  7. ovenfood

    280zx Performance Mods

    $1500 worth of NOS... But seriously that is a fairly ambiguous question. For instance me and my mate put a RB20DET into a 280zx for under $1k and that sure goes like stink but is that what you want to know or do you want know how to spend $1500 on getting 50/100hp on your standard engine? In short IMO if you want to do minimal work get a set of headers and a full exhaust system. Its a good starting point and I liked the standard 280zx I had with just that done to it. Otherwise I'd focus on making it turn and stop
  8. ovenfood

    body swaping best parts to leave / swap

    thanks man I am upgrading so many parts that most of the stuff you mentioned won't even be from a Z but it's great to know the differences. One thing I can see being an issue is the wiring as I'm mostly sure the new car has none... But since it's a 50% race car I'm not going to worry about too many luxury's also it's going to have an RB so I spose it's going to be fun
  9. So my first Z is my 1983 280zx 2+2 T top it's a 99% stock standard rusty NA car. I've loved this car and a while back it had too many faults and I had to take it off the road and it sat outside in the weather for a little over a year and that didn't help the rust. Recently I made a deal with my friend to remove my rust... with a rare 1979 280zx 2+2 hard top the 79 is a 50% done rust free resto and I saw it for the 1st time yesterday and I'm in love all over again. My question is there many parts I should swap into the 79 (its a primer coat rolling chassis with parts in boxes) or work / re-work I should look at doing to the body before I assemble / paint. I was thinking the brakes on the 83 are going to be bigger from what I've seen in other 79's but is there any other parts? The plan is to use an RB20DET in 79 and the engine block in the 83 for a L31 stroker for my C110. Even tho there is a full mint blue interior for the 79 I'm going to have a mostly stripped car so luxury parts like that don't phase me. Leon
  10. ovenfood

    S130 Air Dams

    @SHADY280 0.040 2024 (T3 I'm assuming), does it not flex or did you make stiffeners? I would of been more inclined to use 0.050 7076 T6 and only a few small bends at the top and base but that T3 seems to be holding up fine
  11. ovenfood

    Custom tail light brainstorming w/ pics.

    ^^^ wtf the link won't in my location dam
  12. ovenfood

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    ^^^ hot X2
  13. Sort of off topic but here is a link to someone who has done an AWD conversion to an R31 if you are interested. The big difference I see with most AWD conversions and a Z is the engine position. In a GTR the engine is much more forward so there is going to be more fab than in cars like R31's and S12's and all the other cars that have had this done to them.