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  1. I am looking for a harness needed asap. Please and thank you
  2. Ok so maybe someone can help me, i need the piping for the turbo that also includes the MAF. Any assistance would be graciously gratifying. Thank you
  3. I also need a ignition harness please.
  4. i would love some inquires regarding a l28et wiring harness preferable uncut, or coming off a previous install to a 280z. Located in Sacramento California.
  5. I would like a wiring harness for a mega squirt two. I would prefer nothing cut,or a harness directly off a l28et. I am located in North Sacramento and willing to meet anywhere near the bay area .
  6. wow, honestly I am in amazement. I actually watched both videos and I am still in shock. Kudos to you sir for your hard work and dedication
  7. Bump I need a after market down pipe please .
  8. Hello, Well im looking for a couple of things. They would be a blow off valve, fuel rail, pipping for a intercooler, and bigger injectors 440c and up. Let me know who has what and what price. Thank you
  9. can you find out if you have all the relays, wires, and sensors before purchasing it from you
  10. can you let me know how i can reach MOTORMANMIKE, cant find him on the member directory
  11. im curious how much he charged your for the turbo rebuild. Also where did you purchase the megasquirt im looking for one as well.
  12. looking for a set up for a l28et all necessary items to get it running please im knew to it so any advice would be grateful located in Sacramento california
  13. looking for either a t3 turbo or a t3/t4 hybrid to work with the l28et motor. Located in sac. No shaft play and works fine please. I dont want to rebuild it at all just want to bolt it on and not worry about it
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