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  1. WizardWorks

    WTB 280z Airflow meter

    I need a working air flow meter for a 75 280z. Willing to pay any reasonable price and shipping. Thanks.
  2. Well I fixed the problem the other day, changed out my AFM for a spare off a parts car and runs just fine. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I have a 1975 280z and I just rebuilt the engine, Had it running smooth for about a month, parked it the other day and now when I try to start it, it dies in a couple seconds, cant get it to run any longer than that. However if I unplug the Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor, I can keep the car running if I push on the throttle. If I let the car warm up by doing this it can idle by itself for a good couple minutes before dying. Sensor is new with the rebuilt engine and connections all read correctly for resistance. Is my sensor bad? Or do I need to check other things? Fuel pressure regulator? Please help.
  4. I recently had to bleed my clutch and realized that my slave cylinder was leaking fluid pretty drastically. I went to replace the slave cylinder today, and after mounting it on the transmission I found the clutch fork to be completely loose, I can move it in all directions and I feel like I should not be able to do this. It is to my knowledge that the fork is held onto the release bearing by a clasp or something, is it possible for these parts to become disengaged? If so, is the only way of fixing this to drop the transmission? I cannot see the release bearing through the hole.
  5. WizardWorks

    Crankshaft Seize?

    I actually dont have the head on the block yet, crankshaft wont turn with only pistons attached.. Guess I might just tear down and recompress rings.
  6. WizardWorks

    Crankshaft Seize?

    Hey guys, im in the process of rebuilding my engine and I had finished installing crank, pistons, main bearings about a week ago and the crankshaft turned fine. I just finished rebuilding the head and went to move piston to TC but the crankshaft wouldn't budge. Any quick ideas to alleviate this problem? I don't really want to tear down the block again.
  7. hey man get your car running!

  8. WizardWorks

    Main Bearing Cap Bolts

    Do these bolts need to be grade 12.9 or will 10.9 suffice?
  9. WizardWorks

    Main Bearing Cap Bolts

    Its the center bearing cap bolt, L28. Should I replace all the bolts, better yet are there even sets that you can purchase available?
  10. WizardWorks

    Main Bearing Cap Bolts

    Uh yeah I'm an idiot and torqued a main bearing cap bolt way too hard and it snapped..... Where can I get a new bolt?
  11. WizardWorks

    2+2 in Washington State

    Hey all, I love this site. I've been roaming the pages here since the beginning of the year but I've never introduced myself. I picked up a 1975 2+2 in the latter part of January 2008 after my Accord was stolen. I know 2+2's don't get a lot of love here but I'm still in high school and couldn't let this one up for the price. The car didn't need much attention when I picked it up as the previous owner had taken pretty good care of it. So far I've gone through various parts of the interior, updating the audio system and completely replacing the carpets. Engine runs decent but its almost got 190,000 miles on it now and it definitely needs new rings. I plan to rebuild it when I retire it for the winter(it rains a lot in Washington.) The PO had had a widebody kit installed on it and I really have no idea what it is or where its from. Along with that, some jackass hit my car last June and I got the entire front end reshot when they repaired the damage. With no further ado, here she is. (Sorry pictures are kinda dark)