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  1. Hey I know it has been a long time but on that drive shaft mounted speed sensor can someone shed some light on were I can get one and how it is hooked to a speedometer thanks.
  2. are you using 240z sway bar up front or 240sx sway bar?
  3. Did you ever find the Z31 rotors and calipers you were looking for? Let me know I may be able to help. Roger

  4. Well there is no speed sensor in the transmission, and I don't know how I could have a speedo so I was thinking adapting it to a older trans to have a speed sensor.
  5. Ok I have been searching for almost a week and can not find out if there is an adapter to mate a rb transmission, or vg30dett transmission to a vq35de engine. If any one knows of one it would be much appreciated.
  6. I was reading on here that the 87-89 turbo hubs fit since a member is running z33 rotors with z32 calipers on his s30.
  7. Is this an easy swap or are there alot of machining to do? Is there a link for this swap? Thanks for info.-----Roger

  8. Im looking to buy all four wheel hubs off a 87-89 300zx turbo. they are the round hubs not pentagon. there for my s30 five lug and brake upgrade.
  9. soullessjdog

    The car

  10. Ok i have searched and cant seem to find how to install and wire my tec2 system? Eny help would be nice a link to an install or someting I bought mine used and there was no instructions.
  11. The zx did not have flares there a positive offset and come with some 1 inch spacers im picking them up tommorow so if i dont like them i will put them up for sale here there vintage nissan stuff the long wheel studs and spacers. They had the car in the 80s and then it broke and they just salvaged things off of it.
  12. Ok guys i know that most of you run 7 or 8 inch wide tires but i have a line on some nice wheels that were on a 280zx there 16x10s. I have a 74 260z so just wondering if thoughs wheels are going to fit in the standered wheel wells and still be able to turn the wheel with out rubbing. i dont want to do fender flares.
  13. hey guys i have been wondering what pad options there are for the 79-84 toyota calipers. i did search and i saw that kvr, poterfields, and gran sports which i cant find. I heard that u can mod z32 pads to work with the calipers and thats my main ?. and if not what would be a good pad for street and race.
  14. How do I delete the this thread I got my answer from the guyim buying pistion from.
  15. I have been looking but cant find my answer are L28e and L28et rods forged and how much horsepower can they handle?
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