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  1. I'm trying to buy a new motorcycle but I can't seem to find a nice husqvarna supermoto for sale lately. So I want to open up my option and see what I can get for 10k. I do not and not willing to mess with card so the car must be fuel injected with either 4 or 6 cylinders. A sorted suspension (LSD please) would be greatly appreciated. I'm in the Midwest so the vehicle needs to be able to drive from wherever I pick it up to my house. So basically: - S30 chassis - swapped with some EFI goodness - Sorted handling components. Thanks
  2. After a good night of sleep... I've asked $2,500 back and the dealer said he's going to think about it. He would have to pay $2,000 on shipping alone out of his pocket if the car is returned anyway. I've asked for $2,500 back so, I will give a good discount to my buyer without messing with my cut. In my opinion, either I give a discount as an apology or, I tell my buyer something happened to the car and I will have to get him another one. Now, as a buyer, would you guys buy a car with 5000 miles more than advertised? I do not want to be rude to my client so what would be an acceptable discount? I'm really torn as I've spent way too much time and energy for this deal and, I would rather have it go through than looking for another vehicle.
  3. Hey all, I'm having an issue and I would like your wisdom. A quick background of what I do: I buy used and rebuilt vehicle which I sell overseas for a profit. I mostly deal with Mercedes Benz and BMW. Sometimes, I get some small issues with vehicles but I do disclose everything to my buyer. I even support them after the purchase when they need parts to be shipped to their location for maintenance. Now my problem is: upon receiving the car at the shipping yard 2 month after we agreed on terms, the dealer had put more than 5000 miles between the contract we signed where we both agreed on 32,500 miles (actual at signing of contract was 31,566 miles and actual at delivery was 36,700 miles). I gave the dealer $5,000 the same day the contract was signed and pay the remaining balance of $34,500 within a month and a half. There was some small issues with the car such as the ABS and various other electronic gremlins that will need to be cleared by a Mercedes dealer and I would take the cost of this gladly as they are no big deals ($200-400). I called the dealer/seller of the vehicle and told him I want $2,500 back for the mileage increase. I told him that i have no problem returning the vehicle but he would have to pay for all the shipping fees ($1000 each ways). He told me the difference in mileage according to KBB is $750 which I've dismissed as the car was rebuilt and has a salvage title. What would you do? Would you send the car back? The way I see it is I've had 2 months to pay the full balance of the car or I would have lost a $5000 deposit. On that note the dealer had a maximum of 1,000 miles which is more than enough to move the vehicle in a lot for a long while. But 5,000 miles in 2 months is like a rental or a taxi mileage!
  4. Just messed up and posted on the wrong thread... (the pinned one) Hey all, Why not using a W8 engine? They sound A+ and according to the VW website, they have 8 brand new units in stock for a huge discount. To me, $4100 for a brand new engine is a steal. If one of you mechanical wizard manage to mate it to an manual tranny, it will be the easiest route to follow i would guess. Link: http://www.vwparts.c...et-center/?pg=4 INJ.ENGINE part number: 07D-100-011-AN original msrp: $29763 discounted price: $4100 saving: 86% available # 8 Passat W8 04 My only concern about this engine is the lack of after market support...
  5. Hey all, Why not using a W8 engine? They sound A+ and according to the VW website, they have 8 brand new units in stock for a huge discount. To me, $4100 for a brand new engine is a steal. If one of you mechanical wizard manage to mate it to an manual tranny, it will be the easiest route to follow i would guess. Link: http://www.vwparts.com/parts-outlet-center/?pg=4 INJ.ENGINE part number: 07D-100-011-AN original msrp: $29763 discounted price: $4100 saving: 86% available # 8 Passat W8 04 My only concern about this engine is the lack of after market support...
  6. I came across those babies by luck on ebay. Carbon ceramic brake rotors plus caliper. DO NOTE this is not my auction and i do not know the seller. I just thought it was an excellent find for someone looking to upgrade their brake at a relatively low price. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Porsche-996-997-Turbo-Gt-2-Gt-3-PCCB-Brake-Kit_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ72Q3a317Q7c66Q3a2Q7c65Q3a12Q7c39Q3a1Q7c240Q3a1318Q7c301Q3a1Q7c293Q3a1Q7c294Q3a50QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem110380422499QQitemZ110380422499QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories
  7. This car collection is off the hook. I'm sorry to revive the thread but i had to say something. I seriously need to make more money.
  8. Sorry to hijack you thread but can the 240sx/slivia front suspension be retrofitted into the 240z?
  9. I think the anyone who want to have a flat plane V8 should consider reducing the displacement of the engine to 4 liters or less. To my theory that might be wrong, all 4 cylinders engine that are <2.0L do no need the balance shaft to get rid of the vibrations. So as a flat plane V8 is basically 2 Inline 4 together, if the displacement for on each side is less than 2.0L (4.0L total for both banks together) it should not create thaose nasty vibrations.
  10. Those pictures were sent to me buy a friend I made online while playing PGR3 on Xbox live. He's a car designer and had his internship at Prodrive UK. I want to show how much more simple the chassis of the car is. Look at how much they use square beams as opposed to tubiing. The 240z and the TSO are almost the same size. (240z vs TSO) Length : 162.8 vs 158.2 Width : 64.2 vs 66.1 Height : 50.6 vs 45.2 Wheelbase : 90.7 vs 89.76 Track (F/R) : 53.3 / 53.0 vs 57.0 / 55.1 http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee246/mikedoubleg/Marcos%20TSO/
  11. Oh boy, I like this forum, people are civilized unlike most v-tech, big wing fools or the german's car fanboy pricks. Top class Gt cars such as DTM and super GT (JGTC) have a fully ducted engine compartment so the air is blown up through the hood's vent or behind the front wheels. Look at the picture on the bottom left. Look at the fender vents
  12. Also please do not flame me as i'm trying to help. All i wrote is from my personal knowledge that I gained from the library and books so if anyone knows better, please correct me in a adult manner as i'm eager to learn from this forums.
  13. I understand your point as it would work just like a spoiler. BUT i was arguing about the fan that are no way powerful enough to do any sucking. Back in the old days of big turbos on 4 wheels and fire coming out of the exhausts, downforce generator were not prohibited on racing. If I recall correctly i know of only two cars with fans that were actually powerful enough to create downforce. the lotus F1 car and the Charparral (excuse spelling). the charparral 2j had a snow mobile engine of 70-80hp in addition to its normal operation engine. The snow mobile engine drove to fans that were taken of a military tank cooling system. The car looked so squared and ugly it is a sin to look at it but as everybody knows you can't judge a book by its cover. Underneath the car there was some ducting that and a plastic skirt around the car connected to the car suspension so it would always be close to the ground whether the suspension is compressed or not so the vaccum created by those fans would always be efficient. The Lotus F1 car was the Lotus 80 which also had a downforce generator. The problem with the lotus was that the fan was driven by the drivetrain. It sounds like a good idea as the faster you go, the faster the fan would spin, the more downforce would be created. Under braking, the fan would spin slower inducing lost of downforce. In the picture of the corvette I posted on my previous post, you can observe how the radiator is angled up front. It is that because it provides much mor efficient cooling than upright radiator. A radiator exchange the heat from the engine so blowing ambient air directly to the radiator give the air an easier path than having the radiator mounted at 45 degrees in your engine compartment hence removing more heat from the radiator for the same amount of air blew through it. Also with race cars, the nose of the car is so low that it is obvious to angled the radiator as you can fit a taller radiator when you fit it angled. The ducting on the The ducting on the F50 and other race/exotic cars are there for 2 reasons, to create downforce as you mentioned before although it is more efficient and easier to fit a lip/spoiler with those small wings(think DTM) on the front bumper. the second reason for the air ducts on the F50 and race cars is to stop the hot hair from he radiator from entering the engine bay and to focus the incoming air to the radiator core. Now for the rims, the rims are used to suck the hot air from the brakes as many have mentioned before and do not except great result without proper air flow (air duct from bumper to an adapter on center of rotor as the ventilated brake rotor are indeed fans). If you ask me, i'd rather have a super light weight rim without the fan's blade but only a proper air duct system. Back on the topic, the Koenigsegg magnesium wheels act as fans.
  14. Hi, This is my first post and i do not have much hands down experience with car, i'm one of those bookworm that reads about automobile all the time so don't flame me if i'm wrong. I don't think those fan provide any downforce at all. they just in that position because the radiator is mounted in v setup. to provide any significant downforce, the fan must be connected to the crank or have huge electric motor to provide any kind of air sucking.
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