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  1. Nice! I was going to do ls3 with t56 swap but then the th400 would be a smart way to go. Im thinking of getting another z and doing ls turbo in that. But need to finish this one first.
  2. Nice! So u went ls? I was also thinking of that but im to far in the swap to turn around now hahahah. Ill try to post new pictures, went a different rout on new engine mounts and transmission mount.
  3. hey i never met another person trying to do this swap. Thats awesome!! The mounts r pretty simple. you do need a welder tho lol. One thing i was researching about is trying to use a sr20det mount from www.mckinneymotorsports.com but i doubt it would work. So where in SD do u live?
  4. Hey sorry guys for many years of being silent, i've been in the process of moving and using more money on house remodeling then the car.
  5. yea it is low but just enough where the oil pan wont touch before anything else. It definitely is a fun project, sorry people for not posting more i came so a little stop because i got a new job, but soon ill post a lot more stuff.
  6. I got a couple of stuff. And still waiting for more. More pics coming soon.
  7. And the motor being fitted in with the motor mounts. These are older pictures ill try to take more soon.
  8. This is when we started taking it apart.
  9. And here are some pictures of the custom motor mounts and transmission mount before they were cleaned up.
  10. Here are some old pics of the z when we first got it.
  11. I'm putting together all the pictures i have. Will be posting them soon. The swap seriously fits like it was meant in there lol.
  12. 4g63 Engines are my favorite! (There easy to work on and easy to find parts for). I have a lot of friends with DSM's some of them pushing over 600hp!! One of the funnest cars I've ever owned.
  13. I started doing a swap into my 240z about 4 months ago im slowly moving forward. i got the engine with custom engine mounts and the transmission in with custom mounts. i got my engine from my 92 eagle talon tsi fully built. just got tired of not being able to drive it on the street because of the setup/braking transmissions. so me and my father in law were planning on building a z either way and putting a sr20det into it. but his plans changed and wasn't able to do it. so he gave me the 240z. so with my parts i had at home and the race 4g63 i really wanted to do this swap so i looked into what
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