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  1. Nearly complete with my Mikuni 44PPH restoration but in search of the final piece. I believe these are the stock velocity stacks but I could be wrong, I have 5 that are in good shape and 1 that is completely destroyed. Looking for 1 air horn to match the set (don't feel like spending $300+ on a whole new set just yet) Basic dimensions are: Carb matting side diameter: 48mm Open air side diameter: ~78mm Height: 50mm If you have more than 1 available I would be interested in picking up extra as well.
  2. Sorry Leon, I do see where you are coming from, i do look a little sketchy, but if you'd like I started a restoration blog that I hope to utilize in documenting my first restoration project. Please feel free to check it out: http://240zoey.blogspot.com/ I hope this proves my legitimacy
  3. Thanks for all of your responses! After doing heavy research, I came across a program called Classic Car Companion, and after messing around with the trial. I decided to purchase it, and it was exactly what I was looking for, with the exception of expense tracking. If you guys have not heard of it and plan on restoring another car of any type I highly suggest looking into it! http://collectorcarcompanion.com/
  4. Hey guys, So I recently bought my first 240z, which I am still ecstatic about! I cant wait to be done with school, go home, and start the restoration process. I want to document the restoration as best as I can, taking pictures and what not! Do any of you have suggestions of websites for organizing pictures or methods for documenting a restoration process? Thanks! Joey2point0
  5. Hello, I am looking to buy a 240z in the Wisconsin area or as close as possible. I would like it to be a project, so it does not have to run but would prefer all the parts be there. I have been looking for quite sometime. I am really only able to pay at most 1500, which i know is not going buy a whole lot of quality but i have just fallen in love with these cars and want one so bad. Thanks!
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