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  1. Joey2point0

    Mikuni 44PPH Stock Air Horn

    Nearly complete with my Mikuni 44PPH restoration but in search of the final piece. I believe these are the stock velocity stacks but I could be wrong, I have 5 that are in good shape and 1 that is completely destroyed. Looking for 1 air horn to match the set (don't feel like spending $300+ on a whole new set just yet) Basic dimensions are: Carb matting side diameter: 48mm Open air side diameter: ~78mm Height: 50mm If you have more than 1 available I would be interested in picking up extra as well.
  2. John, Currently I have Bilstien P30s on my car (was bought like that). When I saw this bolt on setup I was going to drop the setup I currently have and go for the BC coilovers. I never would have thought that my old Bilstien along with some over goodies might out perform the coilovers. Like you say the thing that really enticed me is that fact that its bolt-on. Do you think it would be wise to stick with what I got?
  3. Joey2point0

    240Z Parts for Sale - New Pics and more Parts

    Are you selling the Rear Spoiler? any idea what you want for it? and are you willing to ship?
  4. Joey2point0

    Best way of documenting a restoration

    Sorry Leon, I do see where you are coming from, i do look a little sketchy, but if you'd like I started a restoration blog that I hope to utilize in documenting my first restoration project. Please feel free to check it out: http://240zoey.blogspot.com/ I hope this proves my legitimacy
  5. Joey2point0

    Best way of documenting a restoration

    Thanks for all of your responses! After doing heavy research, I came across a program called Classic Car Companion, and after messing around with the trial. I decided to purchase it, and it was exactly what I was looking for, with the exception of expense tracking. If you guys have not heard of it and plan on restoring another car of any type I highly suggest looking into it! http://collectorcarcompanion.com/
  6. Hey guys, So I recently bought my first 240z, which I am still ecstatic about! I cant wait to be done with school, go home, and start the restoration process. I want to document the restoration as best as I can, taking pictures and what not! Do any of you have suggestions of websites for organizing pictures or methods for documenting a restoration process? Thanks! Joey2point0
  7. Hello Z people! I am 18 years old and before falling for Z's. I was a Muscle car fanatic, My summer job was restoring them (Chevlles, Impalas, ect.) and my father owned a '70 GTO which I absolutely loved! I moved to Milwaukee this past September for college, and a newly acquired friend was a die hard import man. Hanging with him opened me up to the world of imports in general, then one day I saw a 240z in a magazine of his and it was love at first sight. I still have a placed reserved in my heart for American muscle but for now I want a 240z as a project incredibly bad. The search continues for a good project car and my funds grow! Would love to have one for summer so I can work on it.
  8. Hello, I am looking to buy a 240z in the Wisconsin area or as close as possible. I would like it to be a project, so it does not have to run but would prefer all the parts be there. I have been looking for quite sometime. I am really only able to pay at most 1500, which i know is not going buy a whole lot of quality but i have just fallen in love with these cars and want one so bad. Thanks!